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For corporations in the sectors we cover, SNL’s data, news and analytics are must-have resources at every level of the organization, from the development of corporate strategies to day-to-day operations. SNL data helps inform decisions from M&A to marketing. The largest commercial banks in the U.S. are SNL clients, along with the leading energy, media & communications, insurance and real estate companies.

The single source for data, news and analytics specific to your sector
SNL assembles data from fragmented sources, scrubs it, standardizes it using industry-specific templates and publishes it faster than any other information provider. Only SNL offers an accuracy guarantee and pays cash rewards if errors are spotted. In addition to financial, regulatory and operational data about each industry and the companies in it, SNL offers exclusive news and analysis, all cross-linked with data for easy reference.

Peer comparisons: evaluate competition and optimize operations
How well are your competitors performing against the key metrics that drive your sector? How does your performance compare? Find out easily using SNL’s menu-based peer comparison templates. Use our Excel Add-In to seamlessly integrate SNL data into your spreadsheets and models; refresh automatically, with a single mouse click.

Mergers and acquisitions: everything you need to know
Do you want to acquire or be acquired? SNL gives you the tools to develop merger and acquisition scenarios that align with your vision. SNL’s extensive historical data on M&A transactions in your industry helps you determine pricing strategy. The SNL Merger Model makes in-depth M&A analysis simple. Run 50 scenarios simultaneously, in seconds.

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