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  • Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions

    SNL Financial combines exclusive analysis and in-depth data in real time for the banking, financial services and insurance industries. From bank branch data and government assistance programs to executive compensation and league tables, SNL is the final word in business intelligence on financial institutions.

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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    SNL Real Estate combines real-time news, in-depth data and expert research on real estate companies traded on stock markets around the world. From the North American REIT, REOC, homebuilding and gaming sectors, to the listed property markets in Europe and Asia, SNL is the trusted solution for global real estate investment data.

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  • Energy


    SNL Energy integrates news, data and research in real time for the electric power, natural gas and coal industries. Access detailed news, pricing and production data through SNL’s robust Web- and Excel-based platforms. From NYMEX pricing data and regulatory rate case information to commodity pricing and renewable energy trends, SNL provides expert intelligence that’s guaranteed to be accurate.

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  • Media & Communications

    Media & Communications

    SNL Kagan integrates online research, data and projections in real time for the media and communications industry. Access detailed news, forecasts and financial data through SNL’s robust Web- and Excel-based platforms. From TV network data and the movie industry to the radio business and Internet media, SNL Kagan covers it all.

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  • Metals & Minings

    Metals & Mining

    SNL Metals & Mining integrates comprehensive data, expert analysis and breaking news in real time for the global mining industry. From worldwide exploration, development and production to strategic planning and acquisitions, our unbiased research helps clients make confident decisions and improve results.

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