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  • U.S. Banks & Thrifts


    SNL's financial industry analysis combines exclusive in-depth data in real time. Our standardized formats make it easy to compare banks across geographies, without manual calculations.

  • Credit Unions

    Credit Unions

    SNL provides the full suite of tools that credit unions need to drive membership growth. In addition to timely financial data, SNL offers comprehensive demographic and financial demand data to help you understand your markets. In-depth news coverage and unlimited access to deposit and loan rates for all of your peers helps you keep tabs on the competition.

  • Insurance


    SNL integrates comprehensive data, breaking news and exclusive research for the insurance industry. From company performance to investment portfolio composition, SNL consolidates many sources of data and provides analytical tools that transform it into actionable knowledge.

  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    SNL provides in-depth analysis of broker/dealers, exchanges, asset managers, specialty lenders, investment companies, mortgage REITs and financial technology firms. We offer SEC financial data in both standardized and as-reported formats, as well as Form ADV data for asset managers, X-17s or Focus Reports for brokers, and mortgage market share (HMDA) data for mortgage lenders.

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