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Investment Management

SNL is the essential resource for the information you need to build the competitive strategy for your fund or investment portfolio. We help you discover better ways to generate alpha by unlocking hidden value in complex business sectors. Our interactive platform and analytical tools make it easy to screen for investment management ideas and transform our in-depth business intelligence into your competitive advantage.

Sector-specific news, data, and analytics
Specialists in the financial institutions, real estate, energy and media & communications sectors count on SNL for the data to make strategic decisions, whether for operational management or investing. SNL creates a unique data template for each sector, providing sector-specific ratios and metrics that are more meaningful. Data is also source-tagged with easy access to as-reported documents. SNL gives you a single source for regulatory, asset-level, ratio, ownership and other data unavailable anywhere else.

From data feeds to proprietary research
SNL goes beyond basic financial data, collecting memo items and supplemental financial schedules to present the most complete and relevant picture of a company and industry. We publish exclusive reports that are essential resources for each sector. Our quant-focused data feeds enable you to unlock hidden value in complex business sectors.

Access to sector expertise and training
Our sector experts, available 24/7, brief you on each industry and help you take advantage of our easy-to-use platform. It’s just like having your own team of sector consultants. Plus, the SNL Knowledge Center produces seminars, training programs and conferences for the professional development of your team.

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