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Natural Gas Industry Outlook, Data and Reports

Natural GasIf you’re looking for natural gas industry outlook data, you’ve come to the right place. SNL Energy's in-depth financial and operational coverage of U.S. interstate pipelines and natural gas utilities is unrivaled. We combine information from multiple federal and state sources including EIA, FERC, SEC, state public utility commissions (PUCs) as well as proprietary OTC Global Holdings forwards and SNL price assessments into a cohesive, instantly accessible decision support platform. Whether you're a strategic or financial analyst, SNL Energy's flexible product gives you the ability to tailor information about the natural gas industry to meet your needs.

Our natural gas industry coverage includes the following:

Interstate Pipelines (120+)
Natural Gas Utilities (100+)
Holding Company and Gas Utility Financials
Natural Gas Pipeline, Storage, and LNG Project Development
Market Prices
Operationally Available Capacity, Index of Customers and Capacity Release

Integrated data, news and analytics.
The Company Briefing Book combines financial and operational natural gas industry data, documents and news into a summary of key statistics and trends. Our Excel Add-In provides immediate access to robust data and templated reports, including an extensive library of customizable Excel templates for natural gas industry analysis and benchmarking.

Data accuracy guarantee.
As the leading provider of natural gas industry intelligence and data, SNL continually improves the process of gathering, vetting and scrubbing data. As a result, we are the only provider that guarantees data accuracy.

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Company Briefing Books

Get a comprehensive view of a company’s financial and operational data, critical documents and timely news. Information and data from various sources are combined into one location for powerful analysis of an organization.

  • Quickly understand a company’s corporate structure.
  • Evaluate a company’s financial and market position over multiple years or quarters.
  • Detailed capital structure reports provide a complete view of a company’s long term obligations, capital costs and credit ratings.
  • Asset lists inventory all planned gas projects.
  • Access source documents and investor presentations in a single location.
Natural Gas Industry Data

SNL Energy gathers data from a multitude of sources to track and analyze trends in the natural gas industry.

  • Continually monitor the development of gas pipelines, storage and LNG terminal projects.
  • Analyze pipeline availability through the awarded capacity release.
  • Evaluate the firm contracts and customer types of interstate pipelines.
  • Analyze the flow of natural gas along a pipeline with operationally available capacity.
Peer Analytics

SNL's Peer Analytics offers innovative default peer logic and powerful customization options, allowing you to perform the most complete analysis for any U.S. public company within the natural gas industry. Within Peer Analytics you can:

  • Create relevant peer comparisons using SNL’s proprietary score & rank functionality
  • Customize your peer reports by selecting fields such as Total Enterprise Value, EBITDA, and Midstream Revenue Growth.
  • Add SNL indexes or custom aggregates for additional benchmarking
  • Leverage your saved peer groups within the rest of SNL
Commodities Market Prices

Gain access to proprietary daily assessments; ISO day-ahead, hour-ahead, and hourly real-time prices; OTC Global Holdings 7-year forwards for natural gas and power; and CME/NYMEX forwards, futures, and swaps. These data are available through the web interface and the Excel Add-In.

  • Integrate SNL Energy’s commodities data into your own Excel models with auto-refresh capabilities to stay current.
  • Create customizable watch lists for efficient tracking and analysis of multiple markets.
  • Instantly view pricing data for coal, natural gas, electricity, heating oil, crude oil, and emissions.

Our mapping application combines powerful visualization tools with multiple layers of essential energy infrastructure assets, integrated with our online platform.

  • Create company footprint maps for pitch book or reports.
  • Geographically illustrate the results of M&A activities.
  • Locate existing and proposed energy infrastructure.
Excel Templates

Our customizable Excel templates provide a wide range of tools for analysis, from a tear sheet highlighting corporate, market and financial data to a more complex collection of peer analysis tools. Gain access to years of historical data for tailored report-building.

  • Interstate Pipeline Financial and Operating Details: Replicates all the major schedules of the FERC Form 2, including page number, line, and account code, allowing for a clear analysis of individual companies or up to five peers.
  • Gas Utility Financial and Operating Details: Combines state PUC filings with EIA 176 information to create a robust comparison tool for Natural Gas LDCs.
  • SNL Energy’s Debt Maturity: Ties together common and preferred equity, long-term debt and hybrid securities allowing for analysis of liquidity and funding strategies.
News Integrated with Data

SNL Energy’s industry-leading news coverage is tightly integrated with the company briefing books and fundamentals data. Link directly into a briefing book or related news stories. Market-moving news is delivered online, dynamically filtered to your specific interests.

  • Daily Gas Report is a comprehensive daily publication that covers all aspects of the North American natural gas industry including fundamental market drivers, pricing, and financial data.
  • FERC Gas Report includes weekly coverage of developments and proceedings at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for the gas industry.
  • Gas Utility Week focuses on local distribution companies and relevant issues inside the citygate or LDC territories.