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SNL specializes in coverage of highly regulated industries, providing a full range of regulatory data published sooner than other information providers (in 48 hours for banking, for example). Gain easy access to all filings, from NAIC for insurance companies to wireless licenses. SNL Energy's Regulatory Research Associates (RRA) group is the top authority on regulatory issues affecting utilities.

Making regulatory data accessible and transparent
Across our covered sectors, SNL takes large and complex data sets and makes them simple to access, both in template format and via as-reported original documents. Even statutory insurance data is transparent, with Schedule P, ratings data and key ratios cross-linked for simple drill-down. With a few clicks, review and sort regulatory filings by energy companies or check a telco’s license portfolio. In the media sector, we’ve even reformatted the data on the FCC Web site to make it easier to access and navigate.

Stay on top of your industry, anytime and anywhere
In addition to easily-accessible corporate and sector data, SNL measures the pulse of each industry with our proprietary news and analytics, including go-to research reports, estimates, projections and commentary. All are available online with your laptop or via SNL Mobile on your smartphone.

SNL facilitates regulatory compliance
SNL makes it easier for the industry you regulate to comply with reporting requirements, making your job easier. Banks can complete REG F reports on correspondent banks with an easy-to-use template that can be quickly updated each quarter. Capital adequacy is easily tracked. SNL is an accurate, timely and all-in-one resource to help vet regulatory filings.

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