The standard for European financial information.
Analyse European financial institutions with SNL's advanced platform, the choice of the North American financial industry since 1987. Tap into over 800 financial data items and ratios on thousands of banks and insurers. Our standardised formats make it easy to make peer comparisons across the Continent without manual data entry.
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A single online source for
consistent and accurate
financial data.
Analysing European financial institutions can be complex and time-consuming. SNL simplifies analysis by consolidating all the information you need in one place, and standardising it on a real-time, interactive Web-based platform.
Detailed List of Exclusive Features (banking)
Detailed List of Exclusive Features (insurance)
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A common language for
European financials: SNL
Our exclusive IFRS banking and insurance templates simplify comparisons across different institutions and minimise time-consuming manual data entry. SNL performs all currency conversions and language translations, saving you valuable time. We provide standardised in-depth coverage of listed, non-listed and subsidiary banks across the globe, plus a growing number of European insurers.
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Europe's only bank branch
database and mapping tool.
Create professional-quality branch maps with point-and-click ease to visualise a company's branch network or the geographical impact of a merger. SNL collects data on 220,000+ bank branches across Europe. Perform effective market and competitor analyses with our bank branch analytics. Evaluate mergers, acquisitions or divestitures with our banking-specific M&A comp ratios. Study 5 years of historical M&A data and equity offerings.
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An up-to-the-minute hub of news, data and insight.
Stay on top of current news and trends with SNL's real-time news updates, newsletters and The Daily Dose, our early morning summary of local banking news across the Continent, translated as needed. Access original sources with one click – SNL archives all original documents, collected from company web sites, regulatory bodies and stock exchanges. All of SNL's news content can be accessed on your mobile or tablet device.
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Profile the financial industry
in each country.
Not only does SNL give you the most informative views with drill-down detail on companies, SNL's country profiles allow you to compare countries across multiple macroeconomic indicators as well as focus on one country's economy. From bank branch networks to current M&A activity, scan across years of history and projections, bringing sovereign context to your analysis.
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Our interactive platform, Excel® add-in and expert support make it easy to maximise SNL.
SNL's accurate, comprehensive and timely data is also easy to use. Our Web-based interactive platform, analytical tools and expert client support team open up new realms of possibility, enabling you to quickly transform information into investment and business decisions. Let us show you how to maximise the returns on your SNL subscription.
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