SNL sheds light on power,
coal, natural gas and
renewable energy markets.

SNL Energy's coverage runs both broad and deep: over 9,000 power plants, 3,000 energy companies, 1,700 coal mines, 120 gas pipelines and new project build-outs from power to environmental. Back offices use our pricing to settle contracts. M&A teams rely on our data to structure terms.

A smart grid that
interconnects it all: news,
data and research on electric
power companies and plants.

Other providers just show you pieces of the puzzle. Only SNL gives you the full picture on the entire energy industry, interconnected on a single Web-based platform. See detailed profiles of companies, power plants and coal mines, with one-click links to related news and documents.

A rich mine of coal industry data, news and analytics.

From profiles to prices, SNL gives you an in-depth view of the coal industry including CME forward coal prices, fuel procurement analysis, transportation costs, mine production and company financials. Build profiles in minutes for any company and 3,500+ mines.

Our intelligence pipeline
gives you easy access to
critical gas industry data.

From pipelines to projects to prices, SNL Energy is your single best source for insight into the natural gas industry. Access real-time news, pricing, financial data and operational information, all integrated within our easy-to-use Web and Excel platforms.

Templates for peer analysis, project tracking and other energy-saving tools.

With pre-built templates from our spreadsheet library, you can benchmark plant and company operations statistics. Track the daily status of specific projects. Compare power prices from various ISOs. Integrate SNL data into your proprietary models and update them instantly, with one click.

RRA: The presiding authority on utilities regulation.

From the latest rate case rulings to commission profiles with rankings, RRA (Regulatory Research Associates, an SNL company) gives you the regulatory insight and news you need to make smart energy decisions. RRA has been the leading authority on utilities securities and regulation for 30 years.

A single subscription fee
gives your whole company
unlimited usage.

Subscribe to SNL Energy Unlimited and you get it all for a single fee: all our data, news, alerts, research, analytics, rate case updates – everything. Each department in your company has the right information to be more effective, from financial analysts to strategic planners, M&A teams to Procurement.

Guaranteed accuracy
and 24/7 support

SNL is the only energy information provider offering a 100% accuracy guarantee. Find an error in our data and we'll send you a cash reward. Another SNL difference is our 24/7 client support and unlimited training. Our experts are always available to help you.
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