The company started by Leonard and Green manufactured gas, first from coal and later from oil. When natural gas began flowing through company pipelines in 1956, technicians visited customers’ homes to prepare appliances for the new, higher energy fuel. They converted more than 200,000 pieces of equipment. This signaled the company’s switch from manufacturer to service provider.

Hard Workers

When Leonard and Green gas works opened for business, customers received manufactured gas to light their homes. They welcomed gas lamps, which burned cleaner, brighter and longer than lights using kerosene, their previous fuel option. Today, customers use gas for cooking and heating as well as manufacturing and running high-efficiency, on-site electric generating equipment. Originally, customers came to the company’s office to

pick up and pay their bills. Today, customers can sit in their homes and order gas service, arrange technician visits and pay for gas service – all online. They can call NW Natural and make arrangements using an

automated voice message service – or talk with a friendly, efficient customer service representative.

Historically, the company’s goal was to sell more customers more gas. Today, we work closely with customers to help them use less, not more, energy. Our innovative rate structure, the Conservation Tariff, allows us to promote conservation and help customers save money – without harming shareholders.

From single-family homes to senior centers, from corner dry cleaners to the largest high-tech employers, NW Natural customers rely on us for safe, dependable service. In addition, they look to us for leadership on energy efficiency, conservation and new natural gas applications.

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