Caring: It’s the essence of NW Natural’s culture. Whether collecting rubber for the war effort (above) or concentrating on the maintenance of gas equipment (below), gas company employees have always given of themselves, on and off the job. Employee volunteer activities range from helping at animal shelters to coaching kids’ athletic teams to serving as volunteer police officers.


In 1894, an employee named Ah Ling helped recover company documents during a flood that virtually shut down the city of Portland. When told to go home to rest, he kept returning to his work site so he could help out. He later returned his pay check, hoping the company would use it to rebuild.

Ah Ling’s dedication and passion continues today. NW Natural employees show how much they care, as well as how skilled they are at their jobs. Here’s what some of our customers write about them.

"Mr. Cliff Rose was not only exceptionally competent and helpful, but also very personable. The entire experience of dealing with your company was a pleasant one. I want to thank you and Mr. Rose in particular for your exceptional assistance."

"A note of thanks for sending Jim Fitzgerald to my home today and for his knowledge in identifying the gas leak at my condo. He was so considerate and kind, and I want you to know he is a wonderful technician."

"Just want to say that I am continually impressed with your customer service. Every time I have called your company, I have spoken to knowledgeable, friendly and efficient reps. Anymore, good customer service is hard to find."

With experiences like these, it’s no surprise that our customers gave us the highest ratings in the nation in the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates Gas Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Survey.

We’ve known for a long time that NW Natural’s employees are the best in the business. We’re pleased that our customers see it that way, too.

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