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Company NameFiling TypeEvent Date 
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-MS7/31/2019
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-MS6/30/2019
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-QS6/30/2019
Northwind Reinsurance CompanyLIFE-QS6/30/2019
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-MS5/31/2019
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-MS4/30/2019
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance CompanyLIFE-QS3/31/2019
First Unum Life Insurance CompanyLIFE-QS3/31/2019
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-MS3/31/2019
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-QS3/31/2019
Northwind Reinsurance CompanyLIFE-QS3/31/2019
Paul Revere Life Insurance CompanyLIFE-QS3/31/2019
Provident Life and Accident Insurance CompanyLIFE-QS3/31/2019
Provident Life and Casualty Insurance CompanyLIFE-QS3/31/2019
Starmount Life Insurance CompanyLIFE-QS3/31/2019
Unum Insurance CompanyLIFE-QS3/31/2019
Unum Life Insurance Company of AmericaLIFE-QS3/31/2019
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-MS2/28/2019
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-MS1/31/2019
Colonial Life & Accident Insurance CompanyLIFE-AS12/31/2018
First Unum Life Insurance CompanySEP-AS12/31/2018
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-QS12/31/2018
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-MS12/31/2018
Jaimini Health, Inc.CA-AS12/31/2018
Provident Life and Accident Insurance CompanyLIFE-AS12/31/2018
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