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Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc. (NYSE: HASI) is a leading investor in sustainable infrastructure, including energy efficiency and renewable energy. We focus on providing preferred or senior level capital to established sponsors and high credit quality obligors for assets that generate long-term, recurring and predictable cash flows.

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Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc.

1906 Towne Centre Boulevard, Suite 370 Annapolis, MD 21401

Phone: 410-571-9860

Fax: 410-571-6199

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Phone: 410-571-6189

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Officers and Directors
Senior Management Team
   Jeffrey W. Eckel
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
   J. Brendan Herron Jr.
Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President
   Steven L. Chuslo
General Counsel and Executive Vice President
   M. Rhem Wooten Jr.
Executive Vice President
   Nathaniel J. Rose, CFA
Chief Investment Officer and Executive Vice President
   Daniel K. McMahon, CFA
Executive Vice President
Board of Directors
Jeffrey W. Eckel
Rebecca A. Blalock
Teresa M. Brenner
Mark J. Cirilli
Charles M. O'Neil
Richard J. Osborne
Lead Director
Steven G. Osgood
Insider Ownership
Insider Transaction Activity (Last 6 Months)
Aggregates Shares Price ($) Value ($)
Open Market Buys0----
Open Market Sells (35,063) 23.81 (834,909)
Options Ex. & Sold0----
Net Shares (37,399) 23.81 (834,909)

High Volume Traders (Last 6 Months)
Name # Buys # Sells # Options Ex. & Sold Total # Trans. Net Shares
Nathaniel J. Rose0202 (14,000)
J. Brendan Herron Jr.0202 (13,399)
Mcmahon, Daniel Kevin0202 (10,000)
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Stock Price History
High ($)Low ($)
One Day22.52  21.91  
One Month24.48  21.91  
Three Months25.28  21.91  
Year-to-Date24.23  21.91  
One Year25.28  18.02  
Three Year25.28  13.61  
Three Year Date10/23/2017 1/29/2015 
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Current QuoteData as of January 18, 2018 2:06 PM
Last Sale $ 22.00
Last Close $ 22.02
Today's High $ 22.02
Today's Low $ 21.70
Net Change $ (0.02)  Down  .09%
Today's Volume128,021
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