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Deposit Loan Composition

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 2017 Y 2017Q12018Q12018Q2
Period Ended3/31/201712/31/20173/31/20186/30/2018
Loan Composition (%)   
Total Gross Loans ($000) 465,003956,225934,800940,760
Gross Loans HFI Growth53.88133.54(9.11)2.44
1-4 Family Loans / LoansNANANANA
Multifamily Loans / LoansNANANANA
Commercial Real Estate Loans / LoansNANANANA
Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate Loans / LoansNANANANA
Real Estate Loans / Loans78.8673.6173.9475.11
Construction & Development Loans / Loans1.823.603.553.29
Home Equity Loans / Loans6.476.606.636.40
Credit Card Loans / Loans00.020.020
Vehicle Loans / Loans0.060.210.570.17
Other Consumer Loans / Loans1.341.290.821.15
Consumer Loans / Loans7.868.138.047.72
Commercial Loans / Loans11.4714.6614.4613.88
Foreign Loans / Loans0000
Other Loans / Loans0000
Unearned Income and Other Adjustments / LoansNANANANA
Deposit Composition (%)   
Total Deposits ($000) 496,5071,026,4801,038,6051,017,722
Deposit Growth38.84126.824.72(8.04)
Transaction Acct Deps / Tot Deps41.3938.4327.3521.94
Savings Acct Deps / Tot Deposits16.1518.42NANA
Money Mkt Deps / Tot Deposits17.3513.22NANA
MMDA & Savings / Total Deposits33.5131.6442.2846.44
Retail Time Deps / Tot Deposits15.2918.7819.1719.97
Jumbo Time Deposits / Deposits9.8111.1511.2011.65
Tot Time Deposits / Tot Deposits25.1129.9330.3731.62
Foreign Deposits / Total Deposits0000
Other Deposits / Total Deposits0000
Non-CDs / Total Deposits74.8970.0769.6368.38
Core Deposits / Total Deposits90.1988.8588.8088.35
Noninterest-bearing Deposits / Deposits15.9415.1915.1216.73
Interest-bearing Deposits / Deposits84.0684.8184.8883.27

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