Deposit Loan Composition

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 2013 Y 2014 Y 2015 Y 2016 Y
Period Ended12/31/201312/31/201412/31/201512/31/2016
Loan Composition (%)   
Total Gross Loans ($000)  Charticon302,359304,474319,366326,812
Gross Loans HFI Growth Charticon(1.21)0.704.892.33
1-4 Family Loans / Loans Charticon40.8041.18NANA
Multifamily Loans / Loans Charticon1.870.87NANA
Commercial Real Estate Loans / Loans Charticon32.5833.73NANA
Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate Loans / Loans Charticon34.4534.59NANA
Real Estate Loans / Loans Charticon75.2575.78NANA
Construction & Development Loans / Loans Charticon6.025.83NANA
Home Equity Loans / Loans Charticon4.224.25NANA
Credit Card Loans / Loans Charticon00NANA
Vehicle Loans / Loans Charticon1.801.70NANA
Other Consumer Loans / Loans Charticon5.155.15NANA
Consumer Loans / Loans Charticon11.1711.10NANA
Commercial Loans / Loans Charticon5.585.81NANA
Foreign Loans / Loans Charticon00NANA
Other Loans / Loans Charticon1.981.48NANA
Unearned Income and Other Adjustments / Loans CharticonNANANANA
Deposit Composition (%)   
Total Deposits ($000)  Charticon327,766329,233335,813337,099
Deposit Growth Charticon(0.35)0.452.000.38
Transaction Acct Deps / Tot Deps Charticon29.3331.61NANA
Savings Acct Deps / Tot Deposits CharticonNANANANA
Money Mkt Deps / Tot Deposits CharticonNANANANA
MMDA & Savings / Total Deposits Charticon18.2119.60NANA
Retail Time Deps / Tot Deposits Charticon34.2932.1029.4827.50
Jumbo Time Deposits / Deposits Charticon18.1716.6917.9016.84
Tot Time Deposits / Tot Deposits Charticon52.4648.7947.3944.34
Foreign Deposits / Total Deposits Charticon0000
Other Deposits / Total Deposits Charticon0000
Non-CDs / Total Deposits Charticon47.5451.2152.6155.66
Core Deposits / Total Deposits Charticon81.8383.3182.1083.16
Noninterest-bearing Deposits / Deposits Charticon20.1121.7422.4623.90
Interest-bearing Deposits / Deposits Charticon79.8978.2677.5476.10
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