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Governance Documents

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We believe that sound and prudent corporate governance is essential to the integrity of our business and performance. Our Board of Directors oversees the Company's corporate governance and takes seriously its responsibility to promote the best interests of our customers, shareholders and the communities that we serve. Good corporate governance is the basis for our decision-making and control processes and enhances the relationships we have with all of our stakeholders. We are committed to excellence in corporate governance and believe this principle is the key to Hope Bancorp and Bank of Hope sustaining public trust and confidence and achieving long-term success.

Corporate Governance Guidelines3/26/2015
Audit Committee Charter3/26/2015
Nomination and Governance Committee Charter3/26/2015
Human Resources and Compensation Committee Charter9/1/2016
Asset/Liability Commitee Charter12/18/2014
Code of Ethics and Business Conduct9/1/2016
Whistleblower Policy3/26/2015
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