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Corporate governance

Governance overview

Company Overview

BlackRock's corporate governance framework is a set of principles, guidelines and practices that support sustainable financial performance and value creation for our shareholders over the long-term. Our commitment to good corporate governance is integral to our business and reflects not only regulatory requirements, the NYSE listing standards and broadly recognized governance practices, but effective leadership and oversight by our senior management team and Board of Directors.

We regularly conduct calls with our shareholders to solicit feedback on our corporate governance framework. We make an effort to incorporate this feedback through enhanced policies, processes and disclosure. Please see our Corporate Governance guidelines and our latest Proxy Statement for details on our corporate governance framework.

If you are looking for Investment Stewardship information, please click here.

Contact Our Board of Directors

EMAIL: [email protected]

You may also send correspondence to our:

Board of Directors c/o Corporate Communications Department
55 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10055

How to report concerns, complaints, and potential illegal or unethical conduct (“Employee Concerns”)

BlackRock is committed to conducting its business activities in the highest ethical and professional manner and to achieving compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, accounting standards and controls, and audit practices. As part of this commitment, BlackRock has adopted the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which sets out basic principles of conduct applicable to all employees.

The Global Policy for Reporting Potential Illegal or Unethical Conduct requires that you report any concerns you may have about potential illegal or unethical conduct. You may report any concerns to a Managing Director in Legal & Compliance or via the Employee Concerns Hotline or reporting website in one of the following ways:

  • In the U.S., dial toll-free: 1-800-714-4128;
  • Outside the U.S., or for non-English service in the U.S., click here to find an access code for your country or preferred language. Dial the access code
    and, once connected, dial 1-800-714-4128; or
  • Report via website.

The hotline and website are administered on behalf of BlackRock in the U.S. by Navex, an independent third party. Navex collects information and passes it immediately to restricted BlackRock Legal & Compliance personnel for a response. Navex will not use the personal data or other information collected for any other purpose.

Reports will be treated confidentially to the extent reasonably possible and reports or protected disclosures made in good faith may be made without fear of dismissal or retaliation of any kind. You may also report potential violations of law directly to a regulator or government authority.