Janus/PLANSPONSOR Survey: Defined Contribution Plan Providers Take New Approaches in Wake of the Pension Protection Act (PPA)

Company Release - 12/10/2007 4:05 PM ET


A new survey of defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors found that automatic enrollment features, target-date fund usage and institutional plan oversight practices continue to gain momentum in the marketplace since the passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA).

Janus Capital Group participated in PLANSPONSOR'S 2007 DC survey by sponsoring a series of questions that focused on DC plans' investment evaluation, selection, monitoring and oversight. The survey, conducted between July and September 2007, reflected comments from a cross-section of more than 5,400 DC plan sponsors from a wide range of industries across the country.

"The trends in this year's results are especially revealing because the survey was conducted after the passage of the Pension Protection Act last year and before many of its automatic enrollment provisions take effect in 2008," said PLANSPONSOR CEO Charles Ruffel.

Usage of automatic enrollment programs has increased primarily because the new law includes annual automatic deferral increases in the early years of an employee's participation. In addition, lifecycle funds - and target-date funds in particular - are beginning to replace stable value and money market funds as the default option in many automatic enrollment plans. That finding suggests that target date funds could soon become the dominant default preference among DC plans adopting automatic enrollment.

"History suggests the marketplace will soon demand best-of-breed investment lineups for target-date products," said Russ Shipman, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Janus' Retirement Alliance Services business. "Multi-manager menus will undoubtedly remain the standard for all but the smallest plan sponsors in the DC marketplace, so it follows that the lineups of one-stop lifecycle solutions will evolve to more closely align with that time-tested result."

The survey also revealed that a growing number of DC sponsors have started to embrace a more institutional approach to plan administration and oversight, practices that have traditionally been employed by defined benefit plan sponsors.

"DC plan sponsors are taking on more administrative and oversight responsibilities," said Nancy Holden, Vice President of Client Relations for JanusINTECH Institutional Asset Management. "They have an increasing fiduciary duty to help their employees achieve financial security in retirement, so there is a heightened focus on finding effective and cost-efficient investment solutions."

    To learn more about the 2007 survey findings, go to www.janus.com.

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