Janus Adviser Long/Short Fund Surpasses $50 Million in Assets under Management

Company Release - 4/9/2007 8:00 AM ET


Janus Capital Group Inc. (NYSE: JNS) today announced that Janus Adviser Long/Short Fund (JSLSX) has surpassed its initial capital threshold goal of $50 million in assets under management. The fund, which is sold though financial intermediaries and to certain institutional investors, was introduced to investors in August 2006 as Janus' first alternative asset product. Janus Adviser Long/Short Fund is co-managed by David Decker, Dan Kozlowski and Dan Riff, each of whom has responsibility for a specific portion of the portfolio.

According to David Decker, the ability to utilize both long and short instruments aims to provide clients with access to the full articulation of Janus' deep fundamental research. "We're looking for businesses where we see a strong disconnect between the intrinsic value of the company and its current share price," said Decker.

Janus Adviser Long/Short Fund seeks to identify and capitalize on both undervalued (long) and overvalued (short) securities from around the world with the goal of providing strong, risk-adjusted absolute returns over a full market cycle. The fund does not aim to be market neutral and will normally hold a higher percentage of its assets in long positions than short positions.

The fund's long positions are typically comprised of companies that portfolio management believes have the ability to produce returns on invested capital in excess of their cost of capital, enabling them to generate sustainable free cash flow. These companies will generally reside in large, stable, value-creating industries with above-average growth potential. The fund's short sales are typically comprised of companies that the portfolio management team feels are structurally disadvantaged, operate in challenged industries and have high valuations.

David Decker is a CFA charterholder and has 17 years of professional investment experience.

He also serves as portfolio manager of Janus Contrarian Fund, Janus Adviser Contrarian Fund and the Opportunistic Alpha institutional portfolios. Prior to joining Janus in August 1992, he was a credit analyst at NationsBank. Mr. Decker graduated cum laude from Tufts University with a bachelor's degree in economics and political science and obtained an M.B.A. in finance from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

Dan Kozlowski is a CFA charterholder and has 8 years of professional investment experience. He also serves as a global equity research analyst, concentrating his efforts on the financial, retail and media sectors. Prior to joining Janus in 1999, he founded, managed, and sold a start-up venture in addition to working at Arthur Andersen, LLP and Ariel Capital Management. Mr. Kozlowski graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Miami. He also earned an M.B.A. with concentrations in finance and accounting from the University of Chicago, and has studied at Sophia University's School of Comparative Culture in Tokyo, Japan.

Dan Riff has 5 years of professional investment experience. He also serves as an equity research analyst covering consumer staples, healthcare, and industrial firms. Prior to joining Janus in May 2003, he was a strategy consultant focused on growth and innovation, working in Boston, London and Johannesburg with consumer products, financial services and healthcare firms. Mr. Riff also led sales, marketing, finance and operations teams for venture-funded start-ups focused on computer animation, software and business information. He graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in economics from Williams College and completed the M.B.A. program in finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

For additional information on Janus Adviser Long/Short Fund, please visit www.janusintech.com.

About Janus Capital Group Inc.

Founded in 1969, Denver-based Janus Capital Group Inc. (Janus) is a recognized leader of growth and risk-managed investment strategies. Our commitment to deliver for investors is rooted in our research-intensive approach and relentless passion to gain a competitive edge.

At the end of December 2006, Janus managed $167.7 billion in assets for more than four million shareholders, clients and institutions around the globe. Outside the U.S., Janus has offices in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Janus Capital Group consists of Janus Capital Management LLC, Enhanced Investment Technologies, LLC (INTECH) and Capital Group Partners, Inc. (doing business as Rapid Solutions Group). In addition, Janus Capital Group owns 30% of Perkins, Wolf, McDonnell and Company, LLC.

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Janus Adviser Long/Short Fund is classified as "non-diversified", meaning it has the ability to take larger positions in a smaller number of issuers than a "diversified" fund. Non-diversified funds may experience greater price volatility.

The use of short sales may cause the fund to have higher expenses than those of other equity funds. Short sales are speculative transactions and involve special risks, including a greater reliance on the investment team's ability to accurately anticipate the future value of a security. The Fund's losses are potentially unlimited in a short sale transaction. The Fund's use of short sales in effect leverages the Fund's portfolio. The Fund's use of leverage may result in risks and can magnify the effect of any losses. There is no assurance that a leveraging strategy will be successful. Short selling represents a highly risky strategy and can incur substantial losses if the investments rise instead of fall.

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