Janus Labs Releases Second Book in Art of WOW Series

Janus Labs Introduces "WOW 2.0: Igniting Your Business and Your Life," a Four-Step Process to WOW-Based Business Building for Advisors and Professional Services Executives

Company Release - 6/8/2015 9:03 AM ET

DENVER, June 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Janus Capital Group today announced the release of "WOW 2.0: Igniting Your Business and Your Life," the second book in Janus Labs' Art of WOW series. Using the principals of WOW to drive extreme client loyalty, the book provides advisors with a guide to enhancing business development, improving client acquisition, and promoting sustainable business.

"Janus Labs is devoted to creating resources, like the WOW book series, that help advisors and professional services executives enhance their lives and practices," said John L. Evans Jr., Executive Director at Janus Labs. "Our mission is simple, but monumental: We aim to ignite new purpose and passion for your business as you pursue stronger and more rewarding relationships with your clients."

"WOW 2.0: Igniting Your Business and Your Life" outlines a four-step business development approach based on the habits of highly successful advisors and professionals.

  • Step 1: Evaluate

The first step in the four-step framework is grounded in evaluation. Any profession—financial advisor, CPA, attorney, or small-business owner—can cultivate a "Happiness Advantage" by discovering a Unique Business Tranche (UBT) and then developing business around it.

  • Step 2: Activate

Identify WOW Client Marketing Officers, whose role is to consistently deliver WOW experiences to key members of a UBT.

  • Step 3: Replicate

Curate ideal clients by identifying the best new prospects and connecting with them based on the fundamentals of WOW.

  • Step 4: Perpetuate

Deliberately cultivate personal rituals and design an environment that continually attracts and nurtures a UBT.

The first book in the series was released in April 2011 and focused on driving extreme client loyalty and turning clients into raving fans. "WOW 2.0: Igniting Your Business and Your Life" was developed in response to clients asking Janus Labs how to take WOW to the next level at the first point of engagement: the business development process.

"In this book, Janus Labs taps into the real-world experiences of successful advisors to define how these 'outliers' differentiate themselves and their approach to client acquisition while improving the quality of their lives," Evans said. "We aim to help our clients ignite, or re-ignite, their acquisition efforts and build a tribe of loyal clients."

The authors of the book—Evans and Tracy White—partnered with Shawn Achor, a world-renowned, Harvard-trained, positive psychologist, along with scores of high performing professionals. Achor is also the author of the New York Times bestseller, "The Happiness Advantage."

To receive a copy of "WOW 2.0: Igniting Your Business and Your Life," visit the Janus Labs website at https://www.janus.com/advisor/advisor-resources/janus-labs/wow-ignite

Editor's Note: John L. Evans Jr. is available to discuss the book. To arrange an interview, please contact Taylor Smith at [email protected] or (720) 726-5458.

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