Janus Announces March Assets Under Management; First-Quarter Earnings Presentation Scheduled for April 29

Company Release - 4/8/2003 4:30 PM ET

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 8, 2003--At the close of the market on March 31, 2003, Janus Capital Group Inc. (NYSE:JNS) reported total assets under management of approximately $132.7 billion, up slightly from the end of February.

Janus Capital Group's average assets under management during March were approximately $133.8 billion, a small increase from the previous month.

The asset figures include Janus Capital Group's investment management subsidiaries: Janus Capital Management LLC and Berger Financial Group LLC, which owns Enhanced Investment Technologies, LLC (INTECH) and Bay Isle Financial LLC. The total also includes the small- and mid-cap value assets that Perkins, Wolf, McDonnell and Company manages for Berger retail and institutional shareholders.

For the 12 months ended March 31, 2003, 54% of the mutual funds and 46% of the mutual fund assets managed by Janus Capital Group subsidiaries ranked in Lipper's first and second quartiles.(a) (These performance figures exclude multiple share classes, Janus World Funds, subadvised funds, money market funds and Berger's growth funds.)

First-Quarter Financial Results

Janus Capital Group will release its first-quarter financial results before the market opens on Tuesday, April 29, 2003. The company will discuss its results during a conference call April 29 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. The call-in number will be 877/301-7574. (Anyone outside the U.S. or Canada should call 706/643-3623.) The slides used during the presentation will be available in the Investor Relations section of the Janus Capital Group Web site (www.janus.com) beginning April 29. For those unable to join the conference call at the scheduled time, a replay will be available on www.janus.com.

About Janus Capital Group Inc.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Janus Capital Group Inc. is a leading asset manager offering individual investors and institutional clients complementary asset management disciplines through the firm's global distribution network.

Janus Capital Group consists of Janus Capital Management LLC, Berger Financial Group LLC, Enhanced Investment Technologies, LLC (INTECH) and Bay Isle Financial LLC. Janus Capital Group owns approximately 33% of DST Systems, Inc. (NYSE:DST) and has agreed to take a 30% ownership stake in Perkins, Wolf, McDonnell and Company's investment advisory business.

This press release includes statements concerning potential future events involving Janus Capital Group Inc. that could differ materially from the events that actually occur. The differences could be caused by a number of factors including those factors identified in Janus' Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2002, on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (Commission file no. 001-15253). Janus will not update any forward-looking statement made in this press release to reflect future events or developments.

For a Berger Value Funds prospectus, please visit berger.com. For a Janus funds prospectus, please call Janus at 800/525-3713 or download the file from janus.com. The prospectus contains more information, including charges, risks and expenses. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

(a) Lipper performance percentages include funds with a minimum track record of one year. Funds included are 20 Janus Investment funds, 11 Janus Adviser funds, 12 Janus Aspen funds, and 3 Berger Value funds. Excludes multiple share classes, Janus World Funds, sub-advised funds, money markets, and all other Berger funds. Funds are ranked within their corresponding Lipper classification for the specified time period. Percentage of funds consists of the total number of funds in each quartile divided by the total number of funds represented. Funds ranked in first quartile are 13, funds ranked in second quartile are 14, funds ranked in third quartile are 8, funds ranked in fourth quartile are 11 and total funds are 46. Percent of assets is calculated by totaling each fund's assets by the corresponding quartile and dividing by the total assets of funds represented as of March 31, 2003. Funds assets for the first quartile are $30.0 billion, funds assets for the second quartile are $7.2 billion, funds assets for the third quartile are $22.6 billion, funds assets for the fourth quartile are $21.1 billion and funds total assets are $80.9 billion.

Lipper, a Reuters company, is a nationally recognized organization that ranks the performance of mutual funds within a universe of funds that have similar investment objectives. Rankings are historical and are based on total return with capital gains and dividends reinvested. Some funds may have experienced poor or negative short-term performance.

Lipper Rankings as of 3/31/03
Janus Investment Fund:
                                             1-Year   5-Year   10-Year
                           Lipper Category   Ranking  Ranking  Ranking
Domestic Equity Funds
Janus Fund(1)              LargeCap Growth
                              Funds          442/646  103/317    38/87
Janus Core Equity Fund     LargeCap Core
                              Funds          115/969    7/512        -
Janus Enterprise Fund      MultiCap Growth
                              Funds           53/403   81/168    31/50
Janus Mercury Fund         LargeCap Growth
                              Funds          219/646   16/317        -
Janus Olympus Fund         LargeCap Growth
                              Funds          419/646    9/317        -
Janus Orion Fund           MultiCap Growth
                              Funds          312/403        -        -
Janus Special Equity
 Fund(2)                   MultiCap Value
                              Funds          389/486        -        -
Janus Twenty Fund(b)       LargeCap Growth
                              Funds           20/646   51/317    10/87
Janus Venture Fund(b)      SmallCap Growth
                              Funds          177/442   70/226    27/46
 Equity Funds
Janus Global Life
 Sciences Fund          Health/Biotechnology
                              Funds          119/180        -        -
Janus Global
 Technology Fund        Science & Technology
                              Funds          179/348        -        -
Janus Global Value Fund    Global Funds      292/312        -        -
Janus Overseas Fund(b)     International
                              Funds          780/823   90/457        -
Janus Worldwide Fund       Global Funds      288/312   84/166     8/33
Combination Funds
Janus Balanced Fund        Balanced Funds     39/503    5/334     4/90
Janus Growth and Income
 Fund                      LargeCap Core
                              Funds          129/969   17/512    1/167
Income Funds
Janus Federal Tax-Exempt
 Fund                      General Muni
                            Debt Funds        52/291  115/211        -
Janus Flexible Income
 Fund                      Intermediate
                         Investment Grade
                            Debt Funds        23/388  152/209     3/82
Janus High-Yield Fund      High Current
                            Yield Funds      134/380   13/209        -
Janus Short-Term Bond
 Fund                         Short
                            Debt Funds        95/128    54/90    18/35

Lipper Rankings as of 3/31/03
Janus Aspen Series - Institutional Shares:
                                             1-Year   5-Year
                           Lipper Category   Ranking  Ranking
Domestic Equity Funds
Aggressive Growth
 Portfolio                VA MultiCap Growth
                               Funds            4/98    21/44
Capital Appreciation
 Portfolio                VA LargeCap Growth
                               Funds           1/133     1/63
Core Equity Portfolio     VA LargeCap Core
                               Funds          35/208    3/111
Growth Portfolio          VA LargeCap Growth
                               Funds          88/133    25/63
Strategic Value Portfolio VA MultiCap Value
                               Funds           76/91        -
International/Global Equity
Global Life Sciences
 Portfolio                VA Specialty/Misc.  41/117        -
Global Technology
 Portfolio                VA Specialty/Misc.  90/117        -
International Growth
 Portfolio                VA International
                               Funds         170/178   19/102
Worldwide Growth
 Portfolio                VA Global Funds      66/70    20/33
Combination Funds
Balanced Portfolio        VA Balanced Funds     7/72     1/50
Growth and Income
 Portfolio                VA LargeCap Core
                               Funds          45/208        -
Income Fund
Flexible Income Portfolio VA General Bond
                               Funds            6/41     3/24

Lipper Rankings as of 3/31/03
Janus Adviser Series - I Shares:
                                             1-Year   5-Year
                           Lipper Category   Ranking  Ranking
Domestic Equity Funds
Aggressive Growth Fund     MultiCap Growth
                              Funds           52/403   83/168
Capital Appreciation Fund  LargeCap Growth
                              Funds           11/646    1/317
Core Equity Fund           LargeCap Core
                              Funds           95/969    4/512
Growth Fund                LargeCap Growth
                              Funds          401/646   73/317
Strategic Value Fund       Mid-Cap Core
                              Funds          257/298        -
 Equity Funds
International Value Fund   International
                              Funds          812/823        -
International Fund         International
                              Funds          788/823   71/457
Worldwide Fund             Global Funds      289/312   62/166
Combination Funds
Balanced Fund              Balanced Funds     37/503    3/334
Growth and Income Fund     LargeCap Core
                              Funds           69/969        -
Income Funds
Flexible Income Fund       Int. Inv. Grade
                             Debt Funds       28/388  133/209

Lipper Rankings as of 3/31/03
Berger Funds - Investor Shares:
                                             1-Year   5-Year
                           Lipper Category   Ranking  Ranking
Domestic Equity Funds
Berger Mid Cap Value
 Fund                      Mid-Cap Value
                              Funds           74/209        -
Berger Small Cap Value
 Fund                      Small-Cap Value
                              Funds          148/246    9/112
Berger Small Cap Value
 Fund II                   Small-Cap Value
                              Funds           34/246        -

(b) Closed to new investors.
(1) On 2/28/03, Janus Fund 2 merged into Janus Fund.
(2) On 2/28/03, Janus Special Situations Fund merged into Janus
Strategic Value Fund and the fund was renamed to Janus Special Equity

Janus funds are distributed by Janus Distributors LLC. Berger Value Funds are distributed by Berger Distributors LLC. (4/03)

    CONTACT: Janus Capital Group Inc.Blair Johnson, 720/210-1439
             Shelley Peterson, 303/316-5625

    SOURCE: Janus Capital Group Inc.