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Board of Directors

Alexandre Behring
Mr. Behring has served on our Board as Chairman since December 2014. Mr. Behring is a Founding Partner and has been Managing Partner (now Co-Managing Partner) and a Board Member of 3G Capital Partners LP, a global investment firm (“3G Capital”), since 2004. Following the acquisition of Burger King Holdings, Inc. by 3G Capital, he served on the board of Burger King Worldwide, Inc. and its predecessor as chairman from October 2010 until December 2014. Mr. Behring has served as Chairman of the Kraft Heinz Company since July 2015, following Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital’s acquisition of H.J. Heinz Company in June 2013 and subsequent combination with Kraft Foods Group in July 2015. Mr. Behring also served as a director of Anheuser-Busch InBev, a global brewer, from April 2014 until April 2019.

Previously, Mr. Behring spent ten years at GP Investimentos, one of Latin America’s premier private-equity firms, including eight years as a partner and member of the firm’s Investment Committee. He served for seven years, from 1998 until 2004, as Chief Executive Officer of America Latina Logistica (“ALL”), one of Latin America’s largest railroad and logistics companies. He also served as a director of ALL until December 2011. From July 2008 until May 2011, Mr. Behring served as a director of CSX Corporation, a U.S. rail-based transportation company.
Daniel S. Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz has served on our Board since December 2014 and as Co-Chairman of our Board since January 2019. Mr. Schwartz served as the Chief Executive Officer of RBI and its predecessor Burger King Worldwide, Inc. ("BKW") from June 2013 until January 2019 and as Executive Chairman from January 2019 through June 2019. Mr. Schwartz joined Burger King Holdings, Inc. the predecessor to BKW in October 2010 as Executive Vice President, Deputy Chief Financial Officer. From January 2011 until April 2013, he served as Chief Financial Officer of BKW and from April 2013 until June 2013, he served as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Schwartz is Co-Managing Partner and a director of 3G Capital, a global investment firm. From 2012 until February 2015, Mr. Schwartz served as a director of Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc., RBI’s largest Burger King franchisee in the United States. Mr. Schwartz is a director of 3G Capital.

Paul Jules Fribourg

Mr. Fribourg has served on our Board since December 2014. Previously, Mr. Fribourg served on the board of Burger King Worldwide, Inc. and its predecessor from October 2010 until December 2014. Since July 1997, Mr. Fribourg has served as the Chairman and CEO of Continental Grain Company, an international agribusiness and investment company. Prior to taking this role, he held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility, from Merchandiser and Product Line Manager to Group President and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Fribourg has been Lead Director of Loews Corporation, a large diversified holding company, since October 1997. Mr. Fribourg has also been a director of The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skin-care, make-up, fragrances and hair products, since April 2006, Castleton Commodities International, a leading merchant energy company, since January 2013, Syngenta AG, a leading agriculture company, since November 2018, Bunge Limited, an agribusiness and food company, since November 2018 and Restaurant Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of edible oil management and distribution systems, since October 2018. He was a director of Apollo Global Management, LLC, an alternative investment management firm, from March 2011 until November 30, 2018, Smithfield Foods, Inc., the world’s largest pork producer and processor, from May 2007 until September 2009, Power Corporation of Canada, a diversified management and holding company, from 2005 until 2008, Premium Standard Farms, Inc., a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods, Inc., from May 1998 until April 2007, and Vivendi, S.A., a French international media conglomerate, from January 2003 until June 2006.

Neil Golden

Mr. Golden has served on our Board since June 2016. Mr. Golden served as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for McDonald’s Corporation’s U.S. segment from November 2007 until September 2013 and retired from McDonald’s in February 2014. Prior to that, he served in positions of increasing responsibility at McDonald’s since 1989. Prior to joining McDonald’s, Mr. Golden held positions at Burger King Corporation and RC Cola Co.

Since May 2014, Mr. Golden has been a lecturer and faculty advisor with his alma mater Northwestern University. Mr. Golden has served as an advisory board member for Home Partners of America, a company that provides a lease-to-own homeownership program and services, since September 2014. In addition, since April 2015, he has served as an executive consultant to Revenue Management Solutions, a firm specializing in providing pricing guidance to the restaurant and retail categories. Mr. Golden serves on the board of Learners Edge, a company that provides an online education platform serving the k-12 teaching community and DataSource, a firm specializing in serving multi-location brands in the optimization of a wide range of marketing and operations communications. He also competed on the Men’s International Professional Tennis Tour.

Ali G. Hedayat

Mr. Hedayat has served on our Board since July 2016. Mr. Hedayat is the founder and has been Managing Director of Maryana Capital, a financial firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, since March 2015. He previously cofounded Edoma Capital in London, a capital fund, where he worked from 2010 until December 2012, and was a partner at Indus Capital, a capital fund in London, from May 2013 until March 2015. Mr. Hedayat held progressively more senior roles at the Goldman Sachs Group from 1997 to 2010, including from 2005 to 2007 as Managing Director of the European Principal Strategies group and from 2007 to 2010 as Managing Director and Co-head of the Americas Principal Strategies group. Mr. Hedayat served on the board and audit committee of U.S. Geothermal Inc., a renewable energy company, from February 2017 until April 2018 and, from May 2018 through July 2019, served on the board and governance and nomination committee of Crius Energy, an independent energy retailer in the United States.

Golnar Khosrowshahi

Ms. Khosrowshahi has served on our Board since June 2018. Ms. Khosrowshahi has been the Chief Executive Officer of Reservoir Media Management, an independent music company based in New York with offices in Los Angeles, London, Nashville and Toronto, since July 2007. Prior to that, Ms. Khosrowshahi was the Director of Account Services at Imagination NYC Inc., an experiential marketing firm headquartered in the United Kingdom, from 1999 to 2002. Ms. Khosrowshahi serves on the audit and finance committee of The Bishop Strachan School, Canada’s oldest independent day and boarding school for girls (since September 2017), as Board Chair of Silkroad, a musical collective founded by cellist Yo-Yo Ma in 1998 (since September 2013), and as a director on the board of the National Music Publishers Association, a trade association representing all American music publishers and their songwriting partners (since June 2015).

Jason Melbourne
Mr. Melbourne has served on our board since September 2020. Mr. Melbourne is the Global Head of Distribution at Canaccord Genuity since October 2020. He previously served as Global Head of Canadian Equities from May 2010 to October 2020 and as Principal, Sales & Trading for Genuity Capital Markets beginning in January 2005. He also a member of the Global Operating Committee. Prior to his time at Genuity, he was Director of Sales and Trading at CIBC World Markets from June 2001 to January 2005. Mr. Melbourne currently serves on the Board of Directors at Lay-Up, a youth basketball foundation that strives to empower youth with the confidence and life skills to become the community leaders of tomorrow since March 2018, and of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, an agency that develops world-class gaming entertainment in the Province of Ontario since November 2019, becoming Vice Chair in March 2020.
Roberto Moses Thompson Motta

Mr. Thompson Motta has served on our Board since December 2014. Previously, Mr. Thompson Motta served on the board of Burger King Worldwide, Inc. from July 2013 until December 2014. From 1986 to 1992, Mr. Thompson Motta worked in the corporate finance department of Banco Garantia, Brazil’s largest investment bank. From 1993 to 2004, he was the founding and managing partner of GP Investimentos and a member of its board of directors until September 2010. Mr. Thompson Motta has also served as a member of the boards of directors of Companhia de Bebidas das Américas, or AMBEV, a Brazilian brewing company, since September 1998 (and AmBev S.A. since July 2013), Lojas Americanas since August 2001, São Carlos Empreendimentos e Participações S.A. since September 2001 and StoneCo Ltd., a leading provider of financial technology solutions, since October 2018. From August 2004 until April 2014, Mr. Thompson Motta served on the board of directors of Anheuser Busch InBev. Mr. Thompson Motta is one of the founding partners of 3G Capital and continues to serve as a board member.

João M. Castro-Neves
Mr. Castro-Neves has served on our Board since June 2018. Mr. Castro-Neves is a Partner of 3G Capital, a global investment firm. Mr. Castro-Neves was Zone President, North America, of Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV from January 2015 until December 2017. Mr. Castro-Neves joined Companhia de Bebidas das Americas (AMBEV), a predecessor of Anheuser-Busch InBev, in 1996 and served in positions of increasing responsibility, including Chief Financial Officer from January 2005 until December 2006 and Chief Executive Officer from January 2009 until December 2014. He has also served as CEO of Quilmes Industrial S.A., a subsidiary of AMBEV based in Argentina, from January 2007 until December 2008. Mr. Castro-Neves has served as a director of the Kraft Heinz Company since June 2019. Mr. Castro-Neves holds a degree in computer engineering from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro and an M.B.A. from the University of Illinois.
Giovanni (John) Prato

Mr. Prato has served as Deputy Chair and Executive Managing Director of TD Securities Inc. since September 2016. Prior to rejoining TD Securities, Inc. Mr. Prato served as Consul General of Canada to the United States and Head of Mission of New York City from March 2011 to July 2016. He began his career at TD Bank and TD Securities in September 1991 and served in positions of increasing responsibility including managing director. Mr. Prato has served since 2017 on the board of Chobani LLC, a privately-held yogurt manufacturer, since 2018 on the board of La Colombe Torrefaction Inc., a privately-held premium U.S. based coffee company, and since 2016 on the board of the Foreign Policy Association. He previously served on the board of St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation. Mr. Prato has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira

Mr. Sicupira has served on our Board since December 2014 and previously served on the board of Burger King Worldwide, Inc. and its predecessor from October 2010 until December 2014. Mr. Sicupira is one of the founding Principal Partners of 3G Capital and continues to serve as a board member. Mr. Sicupira served as a member of the board of directors of Anheuser-Busch InBev from 2004 until April 2019. Mr. Sicupira has been Chairman of Lojas Americanas, one of South America’s largest retailers, since 1981, where he served as Chief Executive Officer until 1992. He has also been a member of the Board of Dean’s Advisors of Harvard Business School since 1998 and serves on the boards of Fundação Brava and Fundação Estudar, not-for-profit foundations in Brazil.

Maximilien de Limburg Stirum

Mr. de Limburg Stirum has served as the Chairman of Société Familiale d’Investissements (“SFI”), an investment holding company, since May 2012 and as Chief Executive Officer and a director of Denarius S.A., a private investment advisor to SFI. Prior to that he served as Chief Investment Officer of Compagnie Nationale a Portefeuille, an investment firm, from January 1995 to December 2011. Mr. de Limburg Stirum has served as a director on a number of privately held company boards, including: Tikehau Capital Advisors, an asset management company, since April 2006 and EPS, a company holding a significant investment in AB InBev, since June 2013. He previously served as a director and audit committee member of Forest and Biomass Holding from May 2015 to December 2018, of Quick Restaurants S.A., a quick service restaurant company in Belgium and of Groupe Flo, a restaurant company in France.