Officers & Directors

Senior Management

Brandon C. Lorey
President & CEO
Brandon C. Lorey became President and CEO of Bank of Clarke County on July 8, 2019. He was previously Executive Vice President / Head of Consumer / Business Banking for United Bank, a $7.3 billion asset bank headquartered in Connecticut from 2013 to 2019.
Kathleen J. Chappell
Executive Vice President & CFO
Kathleen J. Chappell has served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Eagle Financial Services, Inc. and Senior Vice President and CFO of Bank of Clarke County since January 2009. From 2005 to 2008 she served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Middleburg Financial Corporation.

Board of Directors

Thomas T. Gilpin
Chairman of the Board
Thomas T. Gilpin, 60, has been a Director since 1986.
Mr. Gilpin is the Chairman of the Board of both the Company and the Bank. He is the President of Lenoir City Company, a real estate investment company in Winchester, Virginia. He is also President of Clarco Corporation, which operates as Northside Lanes, a bowling center in Winchester, Virginia. He is also a Board member for Winchester Medical Center Board of Trustees. Mr. Gilpin’s broad experience provides the Company leadership and consensus-building skills to guide the Board through critical discussions regarding its current challenges and future strategic initiatives.
Robert W. Smalley Jr.
Vice Chairman of the Board
Robert W. Smalley, Jr., 61, has been a Director since 1989.
Mr. Smalley is the President of Smalley Package Co., Inc., a company focused on real estate management in Berryville, Virginia. He is also the Vice Chairman of Loudoun Mutual Insurance Company, a property and casualty insurance provider in the State of Virginia. Mr. Smalley’s institutional knowledge and longstanding board service make him a distinctively qualified member of the board.
Thomas T. Byrd
Thomas T. Byrd, 67, has been a Director since 1995.
Mr. Byrd is the President and Publisher of Winchester Evening Star, Inc., a newspaper publishing company headquartered in Winchester, Virginia. Through his experiences, Mr. Byrd has developed relevant financial, accounting and compliance knowledge.
Cary C. Nelson
Cary C. Nelson has been a Director since 2018. Ms. Claytor is President of H. N. Funkhouser & Co., a petroleum products distributor serving residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural markets. A CPA, she is also a member and incoming president-elect of the Winchester Rotary Club. Ms. Claytor’s experience as an accountant and as an executive of a successful corporation provides the Company managerial accounting support and leadership skills in strategic thinking.
Mary Bruce Glaize
Mary Bruce Glaize, 57, has been a Director since 1998.
Mrs. Glaize is a former educator and local volunteer at the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum. Her involvement in the communities in which the Company operates allows her to identify the needs of the Bank’s customers and potential customers.
Scott M. Hamberger
Mr. Hamberger is the President and CEO of Integrus Holdings, Inc. where he has been employed since founding the company in 1993. Integrus’ flagship business, Fortessa Tableware Solutions, is a recognized global leader in commercial foodservice and upscale consumer tableware. As an entrepreneur and executive, Mr. Hamberger brings analytical ability and leadership skills to his role as Director. Additionally, by living and operating a business in the Company’s area of operations, Mr. Hamberger is able to help identify the needs of the Company’s customers and potential customers.
John R. Milleson
John R. Milleson, 56, has been a Director since 1999.
John R. Milleson has been a Director since 1999. Mr. Milleson recently retired as President and Chief Executive Officer of both the Company and the Bank after 20 years in that executive position. From 1997 to 1999, he was Executive Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer of the Company and Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the Bank. He brings operational risk management and financial accounting knowledge.
Douglas C. Rinker
Douglas C. Rinker, 53, has been a Director since 2006.
Mr. Rinker is the Chairman of the Board and President of Winchester Equipment Company, an equipment sales and service company in Winchester, Virginia. As the chief executive officer of a successful company, Mr. Rinker provides the Board with valuable insight and guidance on the issues of corporate strategy, business community growth and risk management. Additionally, Mr. Rinker has demonstrated his commitment to the community by assisting several community and civic organizations.
John D. Stokely Jr.
John D. Stokely, Jr., 60, has been a Director since 2006.
Mr. Stokely is the President and owner of Cavalier Land Development Corp., a real estate development company in Oakton, Virginia. His broad experience and perspective as an entrepreneur brings to the Board a substantial resource with respect to finance, strategic planning and corporate governance.
Randall G. Vinson
Randall G. Vinson, 66, has been a Director since 1985.
Mr. Vinson is a retired Pharmacist and previous Owner of Berryville Pharmacy in Berryville, Virginia. Mr. Vinson brings an entrepreneurial perspective as well as an understanding of the importance of oversight and risk management.
James R. Wilkins Jr.
James R. Wilkins, Jr., 67, has been a Director since 1998.
Mr. Wilkins is the Vice President of Silver Lake Properties, Inc. and JRW Properties and Rentals, Inc. and a member of Silver Lake, LLC, Wilkins Investments, L.P. and Wilkins Enterprises, L.P. These entities are real estate development and management companies in Winchester, Virginia. He is also a Board member for Winchester Medical Center Board of Trustees. Until May 2005, Mr. Wilkins was President of Wilkins ShoeCenter, Inc., a footwear retailer in Winchester, Virginia. As a former board member of a public financial institution, Mr. Wilkins brings significant expertise in the areas of management, strategic planning and business development.
Deborah E. Addo
Deborah E. Addo joined the board in 2020. Ms. Addo is the President of Inova Loudoun Hospital, Northern Virginia’s leading nonprofit healthcare provider. Ms. Addo was named President of ILH after serving as CEO of Inova Mount Vernon Hospital for nearly three years. Before joining Inova in June 2014, Ms. Addo served as the chief operating officer and senior vice president of Meritus Health in Hagerstown, the largest healthcare provider in Western Maryland. Her areas of expertise add to the collective knowledge of the board and include financial management, LEAN (understanding customer value and focusing key processes to continuously increase that value), organization re-engineering and strategic planning.

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Our Mission

The mission of Bank of Clarke County is to build sustainable relationships with:

OUR CUSTOMERS, by providing resources, information and advice to meet their financial goals.

OUR EMPLOYEES, by providing a positive and rewarding work environment.

OUR COMMUNITIES, by providing support and encouraging employee volunteerism and civic service.

OUR SHAREHOLDERS, by providing sound financial performance and committing to our status as an independent community bank.

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