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Take a look at past acquisitions and mergers. Most recent acquisitions and mergers are listed first.

Target Seller State Industry Type Announce Date Status Deal Value($ M) Target Total Assets ($ 000)
Universal Bancorp IN Bank 10/4/2017 Completed On 2/28/2018 61.56 398,308
MFB Corp. IN Thrift 1/8/2008 Completed On 7/18/2008 40.46 510,448
Fidelity FSB of Marion
First Financial Bancorp.
IN Thrift 3/3/2005 Completed On 9/16/2005 20.00 109,792
Marion Capital Holdings, Inc. IN Thrift 6/8/2000 Completed On 12/8/2000 33.10 199,194

Target Buyer Industry Type Announce Date Status Number of Branches All Branch States Total Deposits Transferred($ 000)
MutualFirst Financial, Inc.
Northwest Bancshares, Inc.
Bank 10/29/2019 Completed On 4/24/2020 36 IN 1,553,478