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8-K 8-K 2/23/2021 2/19/2021
Abstract: 8-K filed by First United Corp. (FUNC) covering Results of Operations and Financial Condition and Financial Statements and Exhibits.
Proxy DFAN14A 2/22/2021
8-K 8-K 2/19/2021 2/19/2021
Abstract: Registrant reported that it responded to, and provided clarifying information regarding, a letter dated February 10, 2021 that Driver Management LLC filed with the SEC.
Proxy DEFA14A 2/19/2021
Proxy DFAN14A 2/17/2021
Proxy DFAN14A 2/16/2021
Proxy PRRN14A 2/16/2021
Proxy DFAN14A 2/12/2021
8-K 8-K 2/11/2021 2/11/2021
Abstract: Registrant reported that a podcast interview with Carissa Rodeheaver, chairman, president & CEO, was published on the American bankers association banking journals website in which Rodeheaver discussed, among other things, gender diversity set forth portion of the transcript of the interview that could be deemed soliciting material.
Proxy DEFA14A 2/11/2021
Proxy DFAN14A 2/10/2021
13-D SC 13G 2/10/2021
Proxy DFAN14A 2/4/2021
Proxy PREC14A 2/2/2021
13-D SC 13G 2/2/2021
13-D SC 13G/A 1/25/2021
13-D SC 13G/A 1/20/2021
8-K 8-K 1/12/2021 1/8/2021
Abstract: Registrant reported that on Jan. 8, it received a notice from Driver Opportunity Partners I LP of its intent to submit business proposals and to nominate J. Abbott Cooper for election as a director at the registrant’s 2021 annual meeting of shareholders. The letter to shareholders and the security holdings of directors and executive officers were included by exhibit.
Proxy DEFA14A 1/12/2021
Proxy DFAN14A 1/11/2021

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