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Dividends & Tax

Dividends (NASDAQGS - NMFC)
Description: Common Shares.

Current Dividend Yield (%): 9.69

Current Year - 2021
Previous Year(s) (2020 - 2020)
Tax Distribution Notice to Shareholders Format
2019 Tax Notice
2018 Tax Notice
2017 Tax Notice
2016 Tax Notice
2015 Tax Notice

Dividend Tax Information Date Format
Form 8937 1/15/2020
Form 8937 1/16/2018
Form 8937 1/17/2017
Form 8937 1/15/2015
Form 8937 1/15/2014

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

All U.S. stockholders will have all cash distributions automatically reinvested in additional shares of New Mountain Finance Corporation's common stock unless the U.S. stockholder opts out of the dividend reinvestment plan by delivering a written, phone or internet notice to the plan administrator at least three days prior to the payment date of the next dividend or distribution. Any distributions reinvested under the plan will nevertheless remain taxable to the U.S. stockholder. The U.S. stockholder will have an adjusted tax basis in the additional shares of New Mountain Finance Corporation's common stock purchased through the plan equal to the amount of the reinvested distribution. The additional shares will have a new holding period commencing on the day following the day on which the shares are credited to the U.S. stockholder's account.

All correspondence concerning the plan should be directed to the plan administrator by mail at American Stock Transfer and Trust Company, LLC ("AST"), Operations Center, 6201 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219, or for general inquiries to AST, please call Shareholder Services at (800) 937-5449.