2017 was a landmark year in the history of our company, with the completion of the merger of equals to form Janus Henderson Group plc

Annual Report 2017 (28MB)

Group at a glance

Janus Henderson is an independent global asset manager, specialising in active management. We offer a broad range of investment solutions across major asset classes to a client base around the world.

Co-Chief Executive Officers' statement

Janus Henderson is a business of great opportunity and potential.
2017 was a year of integration and setting the foundations for growth.

Performance highlights

The Group's investment performance improved year-on-year and despite net outflows, we continue to see strong levels of engagement and support from clients globally. In 2017, we delivered revenue and profitability growth, and are pleased with the pace of progress towards our targetted cost synergies.

Data for 2016 and 2017 periods present the results of JHG as if the merger had occurred at the beginning of the period shown. See pro forma adjusted financial measures reconciliation on Form 10-K pages 43 and 44 for additional information. In accordance with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission Corporations Instrument 2016/91, amounts in this Annual Report have been rounded to the nearest US$0.1m, unless otherwise stated.
1. Investment performance data represents percentage of AUM outperforming the relevant benchmark. Full performance disclosures detailed on page 216.
2. Calculated as total flows divided by beginning of period AUM.
3. 2017 includes a hypothetical per share dividend for Janus Henderson Group plc for 1Q17. The amount is derived by taking the sum of the cash dividends each legacy firm paid to its respective shareholders (for legacy Janus that was US$20.3m and for legacy Henderson that was US$26.9m), divided by the number of shares outstanding as at 30 May 2017 (approximately 200.4m). USD/GBP 1.3017.