Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Janus Henderson is governed by a global management team who strive to ensure that employees worldwide work together to achieve the same goals and ethical commitments. The Group is focused on acting responsibly, not only in the way we invest and engage with our clients, but also in supporting our employees, managing our impact on the environment and contributing to the communities in which we work.

Following the merger, Janus Henderson is in the process of reviewing each legacy company’s philosophies and policies in relation to corporate responsibility. Further information on our approach and commitments to corporate responsibility will follow in due course.

Modern slavery and human trafficking

Janus Henderson supports all efforts to eradicate forced labour and other abuses of human rights.

The Group’s executive management attested to the statement below in regards to Janus Henderson’s approach to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Equality and diversity

Janus Henderson is an equal opportunities employer and has appropriate human resource policies and procedures in place to ensure employees work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Our policies and practices attract and retain a diverse and flexible workforce. This includes giving full and fair consideration to applications from, and the continued employment of, people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

In order to assist us in monitoring our progress on gender diversity in particular, senior management review statistics on numbers and proportions of men and women in the workplace generally. The Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee aims to ensure Janus Henderson is attracting, developing and retaining the best people irrespective of their background.

In support of diversity and inclusion, Henderson signed the UK Government’s Women in Finance Charter in 2016, demonstrating the Group’s commitment to supporting the progression of women in senior roles within financial services and to facilitate greater diversity in the workplace. The targets Henderson set out are being reviewed following the merger with Janus, to reflect the aspirations of the new organisation.