Janus Henderson views good corporate governance as essential to achieving the goals of the organization.

The Janus Henderson Group Board comprises a Non-Executive Chairman, a Non-Executive Deputy Chairman, one Executive Director and eight other Non-Executive Directors. The Board has delegated specific responsibilities to four standing Committees of the Board. A copy of the matters reserved to the Board is included below, together with the terms of reference for the Committees.

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Audit Committee
Chair: Jeffrey Diermeier
Members: Glenn Schafer, Sarah Arkle, Kalpana Desai

Compensation Committee
Chair: Lawrence Kochard
Members: Richard Gillingwater, Glenn Schafer, Angela Seymour-Jackson

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Chair: Richard Gillingwater
Members: Glenn Schafer, Sarah Arkle, Kalpana Desai, Jeffrey Diermeier, Kevin Dolan, Eugene Flood Jr., Lawrence Kochard, Angela Seymour-Jackson, Tatsusaburo Yamamoto

Risk Committee
Chair: Sarah Arkle
Members: Jeffrey Deirmeier, Kevin Dolan, Eugene Flood Jr.

Other policies and codes