The OTCQX market offers efficient and transparent trading for domestic and multinational companies, and is an Established Public Market as defined by the SEC.

OTCQX requires the highest level of disclosure of the three markets supported by OTC Markets Group (the others being OTCQB and OTC Pink). Every issuer on OTCQX must be sponsored by approved third-party investment banks or law firms. Banks that trade on OTCQX include mid-sized and small regional and community banks or their holding companies. These entities must meet high standards regarding finances, capitalization, and regular dissemination of information to investors.

OTC Markets broadly distributes data through a variety of channels, including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and similar leading marketing data distributors.

As of December 31, 2017, OTCQX highlights included:

  • 425 domestic and international securities
  • $1.6 trillion in market capitalization
  • $55.9 billion in annual dollar volume

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