Credit Ratings


S&P Moody's
TCF Financial Corporation
Outlook Stable -
Local Currency LT BBB- -
Senior Unsecured Debt - -
Subordinated Debt - -
Short-Term Debt - -
Pref. Stock Non-cumulative (Domestic) BB- Ba1


TCF National Bank
Outlook Stable Stable
Local Currency LT BBB -
Long-Term Deposit - A-2
Short-Term Deposit - P-1
Senior Unsecured Debt - -
Short-Term Debt - -
Subordinated Debt BBB- Baa2

Long-Term Ratings   
  • Highest Quality
    (P)Aaa Aaa
  • High Quality
    Aa1 (P)Aa1 (P)Aa2 Aa2 Aa3 (P)Aa3
  • Upper-Medium Quality
    (P)A1 A1 A2 (P)A2 (P)A3 A3
  • Medium-Grade Quality
    Baa1 (P)Baa1 (P)Baa2 Baa2 Baa3 (P)Baa3
  • Substantial Risk
    (P)Ba1 Ba1 Ba2 (P)Ba2 (P)Ba3 Ba3
  • High Risk
    B1 (P)B1 (P)B2 B2 B3 (P)B3
  • Very High Risk
    (P)Caa1 Caa1 Caa2 (P)Caa2 (P)Caa3 Caa3
  • Highly Speculative
    (P)Ca Ca
  • Default
    C (P)C
  • Extremely Strong
    AAA AAApi AAAt
  • Very Strong
    AA+ AA+pi AA+t AApi Aat AA AA- AA-pi AA-t
  • Strong
    A+ A+pi A+t Api At A A- A-pi A-t
  • Adequate
    BBB+ BBB+pi BBB+t BBB BBBpi BBBt BBB- BBB-pi BBB-t
  • Less Vulnerable
    BB+ BB+pi BB+t BB BBpi BBt BB- BB-pi BB-t
  • More Vulnerable
    B+ B+pi B+t B Bpi Bt B- B-pi B-t
  • Currently Vulnerable
    CCC+ CCC+pi CCC+t CCCpi CCCt CCC CCC- CCC-pi CCC-t
  • Highly Vulnerable
    CCpi CCt CC C+ C+pi C+t C Cpi Ct
  • Selective Default
    SD SDpi SDt
  • Default
    D+ D+pi D+t Dpi Dt D
  • Regulatory Supervision
    R Rpi Rt
Short-Term Ratings   
  • Superior
    (P)MIG 1 (P)P-1 (P)VMIG 1 MIG 1 P-1 VMIG 1
  • Strong
    VMIG 2 P-2 MIG 2 (P)VMIG 2 (P)P-2 (P)MIG 2
  • Acceptable
    (P)MIG 3 (P)P-3 (P)VMIG 3 MIG 3 P-3 VMIG 3
  • Not Prime
    NP (P)NP
  • Extremely Strong
  • Strong
  • Satisfactory
  • Adequate
  • More Vulnerable
    B B-1 B-2 B-3
  • Highly Vulnerable
  • Selective Default
  • Default
  • Regulatory Supervision
Financial Strength Ratings   
  • Exceptional Security
  • Excellent Security
    Aa1 Aa2 Aa3
  • Good Security
    A1 A2 A3
  • Adequate Security
    Baa1 Baa2 Baa3
  • Questionable Security
    Ba1 Ba2 Ba3
  • Poor Security
    B1 B2 B3
  • Very Poor Security
    Caa1 Caa2 Caa3
  • Extremely Poor Security
    Ca C
  • Extremely Strong
    AAA AAApi
  • Very Strong
    AA+ AA+pi AApi AA AA- AA-pi
  • Strong
    A+ A+pi Api A A- A-pi
  • Good
    BBB+ BBB+pi BBBpi BBB BBB- BBB-pi
  • Marginal
    BB+ BB+pi BB BBpi BB- BB-pi
  • Weak
    B+ B+pi B Bpi B- B-pi
  • Very Weak
    CCC+ CCC+pi CCCpi CCC CCC- CCC-pi
  • Extremely Weak
    CCpi CC
  • Regulatory Action

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