As Reported Financials

Document Name As Of Date Currency Code (in thousands) 2020 Q3 YTD 10-Q 9/30/2020 USD 2019 Y 10-Q 12/31/2019 USD 2018 Y 10-K 12/31/2018 USD 2017 Y 10-K 12/31/2017 USD 2016 Y 10-K 12/31/2016 USD
Document Name As Of Date Currency Code 2020 Q3 YTD 10-Q 9/30/2020 USD 2019 Y 10-Q 9/30/2020 USD 2018 Y 10-K 12/31/2019 USD 2017 Y 10-K 12/31/2018 USD 2016 Y 10-K 12/31/2017 USD


Cash and cash equivalents
Investment securities - available for sale (“AFS”)
Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (“FHLB”) and other bankers' bank stocks NA
Non-purchased loans
Purchased loans
Allowance for loan losses
Net loans
Premises and equipment, net
Foreclosed assets
Accrued interest receivable
Bank owned life insurance (“BOLI”)
Goodwill and other intangible assets, net
Other, net
Total assets



Demand non-interest bearing
Savings and interest bearing transaction
Total deposits
Repurchase agreements with customers
Other borrowings
Subordinated notes
Subordinated debentures
Reserve for losses on unfunded loan commitments NA NA NA
Accrued interest payable and other liabilities
Total liabilities

Stockholders' equity

Preferred stock
Common stock
Additional paid-in capital
Retained earnings
Accumulated other comprehensive income
Total stockholders' equity before noncontrolling interest
Noncontrolling interest
Total stockholders' equity
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity
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