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 2014 FQ1 YTD2013 FY2012 FY2011 FY2010 FY
Period Ended3/31/201412/31/201312/31/201212/31/201112/31/2010
Balance Sheet ($000)   
Total Assets1,497,5311,476,1431,248,1601,216,260958,327
Total Net Loans1,011,485983,785884,142787,651604,673
Total Deposits1,291,8901,266,2561,044,734998,493786,359
Equity Attributable to Parent Company140,523138,578131,115125,92997,409
Total Equity140,523138,578131,115125,92997,409
Profitability (%)   
Net Income ($000) 2,0648,73111,02210,53810,102
Net Income Attributable to Parent ($000) 2,0648,73111,02210,53810,102
Core ROAA0.630.760.881.021.10
Core ROAE6.657.408.409.9811.43
Net Interest Margin3.533.904.074.073.89
Reported: Net Interest Margin3.583.854.074.073.81
Efficiency Ratio74.5672.3772.0768.8066.23
Noninterest Inc / Operating Rev29.3327.3925.6327.1136.14
Balance Sheet Ratios/ Capital (%)   
Loans / Deposits79.3178.6585.5379.8178.04
Securities / Assets23.2524.2120.0724.2524.48
Total Equity / Total Assets9.389.3910.5010.3510.16
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets7.677.628.538.238.78
Tang Common Equity / Tang Assets7.677.628.538.238.78
Tier 1 Common Capital Ratio10.4910.5711.6811.8412.88
Tier 1 Ratio10.4910.5711.6811.8412.92
Risk-based Capital Ratio12.0212.1013.1013.2814.54
Leverage Ratio7.668.088.748.278.72
Asset Quality (%)   
NPAs / Assets1.021.080.961.191.25
NPA Excl Restructured / Assets0.590.610.531.191.18
NPAs & 90+ PD / Assets1.121.181.321.791.25
NPAs / Loans & REO1.491.591.341.821.95
Nonaccrual & 90+ & OREO / Assets0.690.710.891.791.18
NPAs & 90+ PD / Loans & REO1.631.741.842.731.95
NPA & Loans 90+ / Tangible Common Equity + LLR13.3014.1014.3520.3113.00
NCOs / Avg Loans0.
Loan Loss Reserves / Gross Loans1.
Reserves / NPAs86.1580.4287.2366.5779.16
Loan Loss Provision / NCO245.77NM465.17120.2070.58
Per Share Information ($)   
Common Shares Outstanding (actual) 4,615,3724,602,4024,581,3964,569,0733,550,254
Avg Diluted Shares (actual) 4,677,1784,659,6854,640,9124,382,8433,606,541
Basic Book Value per Share30.4530.1128.6227.5627.44
As-reported Book Value per Share30.0329.6728.2027.1426.92
Basic Tangible Book Value per Share24.4123.9822.7321.3923.35
Reported: Tangible Book Value24.0823.6322.4021.0722.90
Common Dividends Declared per Share0.
EPS after Extra0.441.872.382.402.80
EPS after Extra Growth (%) (15.4)(21.4)(0.8)(14.3)93.10
Core EPS0.502.132.382.733.01
Core EPS Growth (%) (9.6)(10.5)(13.0)(9.1)35.50
Diluted EPS before Amortization0.512.072.612.643.00
Pre-Provision Earnings Per Share0.522.262.272.633.02
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