Debt Coverage Liquidity Profile

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 2015 Y 2016 Y 2017Q1
Period Ended12/31/201512/31/20163/31/2017
Capitalization Ratios (%)   
Common Equity / Book Capital47.4452.3954.86
Preferred Incl. Mezzanine / Book-Value Capital000
Debt / Book Capitalization52.5647.6145.14
Short-term Debt / Debt34.1612.098.61
Long-term Debt / Debt65.8487.9191.39
Liquidity Ratios (x)   
Current Ratio0.691.051.13
Total Debt / Total Equity1.110.910.82
Debt Ratios (%)   
Long-term Sub Debt / Debt000
First Mortgage Bonds / Debt69.5594.04NM
Long-term Senior Notes / Debt000
Credit Facilities / Debt000
Commercial Paper / Debt31.216.900
Credit Lines Drawn / Available000
Commercial Paper Out / Available90.0117.770
Coverage Ratios (x)   
Pre-tax Interest Coverage Excl. AFUDC2.923.567.72
Pre-tax Interest and Pfd Coverage Excl. AFUDC2.923.567.72
Recurring EBITDA / Adjusted Interest Expense5.095.99NM
Debt / Recurring EBITDA3.853.331.77
Debt Detail - Current ($000)   
Short-term Debt270,03553,3000
Current Portion of Long-term Debt25,53740,14561,994
Debt Detail - Long-term ($000)   
Redeemable Preferred Securities (FAS 150)000
Trust Preferred Securities000
Subordinated Long-term Debt000
Long-term Subordinated Obligations000
Municipal Bonds000
First Mortgage Bonds601,700726,700726,700
Long-term Senior Notes000
Obligations under Capital Leases723159NA
Stranded Cost Securitizations000
Other Long-term Debt000
Long-term Senior Debt602,423726,859726,700
Adjustments to Long-term Debt (7,282) (7,377) (6,990)
Long-term Debt, Including Current Portion595,141719,482719,710
Total Debt865,176772,782719,710
Additional Debt Detail ($000)   
Hedged Fixed-rate Debt000
Hedged Variable-rate Debt000
Capped-out Debt000
Unhedged Debt865,176772,782719,710
Debt Maturity Schedule ($000)   
Debt Maturing: Current FY295,57293,445NA
Debt Maturing: Next FY40,15697,003NA
Debt Maturing: FY222,00330,00030,000
Debt Maturing: FY330,00075,00075,000
Debt Maturing: FY475,00060,00060,000
Debt Maturing: Thereafter402,445417,334395,716
Operating Lease Obligations ($000)   
Operating Lease Obligations, Current Fiscal Year5,4175,476NA
Operating Lease Obligations, Next Fiscal Year5,3635,385NA
Operating Lease Obligations, Second Fiscal Year5,3485,340NA
Operating Lease Obligations, Third Fiscal Year5,3132,835NA
Operating Lease Obligations, Fourth Fiscal Year2,765930NA
Operating Lease Obligations, due Thereafter54,68128,895NA

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