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income statement

 2010 Y 2011 Y 2012 Y 2013 Y
Interest Income488,596501,753456,085442,846
Interest Expense93,81273,30148,84937,881
Net Interest Income394,784428,452407,236404,965
FTE Net Interest Income399,054432,748411,886409,544
Provision for Loan Losses118,81962,36129,20110,716
Trading Account Income5,1695,8836,1377,737
Foreign Exchange Income0000
Trust Revenue0000
Service Charges on Deposits34,87433,09628,29930,952
Gain on Sale of Loans (FAS 140)18,79426,83891,94565,644
Loan Fees & Charges10,29115,874NANA
Bank-owned Life Insurance Revenue3,3082,3942,7083,053
Insurance Revenue4265047391,000
Investment Banking & Brokerage11,66112,78712,96714,736
Other Noninterest Income (16,968) (20,634) (13,334) (3,690)
Total Noninterest Income67,55576,742129,461119,432
Realized Gain on Securities1,9127,3763,868209
Nonrecurring Revenue6,43703,5001,800
Compensation & Benefits162,875179,480200,946209,991
Occupancy & Equipment45,94051,28455,08162,067
Marketing and Promotion Expense6,2256,1385,0646,062
Professional Fees9,22810,20910,72410,114
Tech & Communications Expense10,46411,21411,57311,974
Amrt of Intang & Goodwill Impair5,3894,9484,8164,781
Foreclosure & Repo5,92518,17112,6551,248
Other Expense65,01757,16756,45549,588
Total Noninterest Expense311,063338,611357,314355,825
Nonrecurring Expense6,6753602,3388,836
Pre-Provision Net Revenue155,546170,879184,033173,151
Non-FTE Pre-Provision Net Revenue151,276166,583179,383168,572
Net Income before Taxes34,131111,238155,212151,029
Provision for Taxes5,80536,74253,32152,668
Effective Tax Rate (%) 17.0133.0334.3534.87
Min Int & Oth after-tax Items0000
Extraordinary Items0000
Net Income28,32674,496101,89198,361
Net Income Attributable to Noncontrolling Int0000
Net Income Attributable to Parent28,32674,496101,89198,361
Preferred Dividends2,492000
Other Preferred Dividends after Net Income9,700000
Other Changes to Net Income (67) (356) (682) (788)
Net Income Avail to Common16,06774,140101,20997,573
Net Income for Diluted EPS16,06774,140101,20997,573
EPS after Extra ($) 0.150.650.900.87
EPS after Extra Growth (%) NM333.3038.50(3.3)
Pre-Provision Earnings per Share ($) 0.890.951.030.97
Comprehensive Income   
Net Income28,32674,496101,89198,361
Preferred Dividend Adjustment to Comprehensive Inc0000
Total Other Comprehensive Income (10) 8,829 (9,428) (29,322)
Comprehensive Income28,31683,32592,46369,039
Interest Income/ Expense Detail   
Interest Income Earned On:   
Interest Earned on Loans410,132405,713386,812398,214
Int Inc: Securities80,51198,74672,99547,875
Int Inc: Other Earn Assets2,2231,5909281,336
Int Inc: Secs & Oth Earn Assets82,734100,33673,92349,211
Int Inc: Total Earn Assets492,866506,049460,735447,425
Interest Expense Incurred On:   
Int Exp: CDs44,60935,09621,67015,971
Int Exp: Other Deposits31,63220,6479,4634,784
Int Exp: Total Deposits76,24155,74331,13320,755
Int Exp: Debt17,57117,55817,71617,126
Int Exp: Total Int-bearing Liab93,81273,30148,84937,881

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