Balance Sheet

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 2011 Y 2012 Y 2013 Y 2014 Y
Period Ended12/31/201112/31/201212/31/201312/31/2014
Assets ($000)   
Cash and Due from Banks43,43428,33228,31623,573
Fed Funds Sold83228712601
Deposits at Financial Institutions119130301,231
Securities Purchased, to Resell0000
Other Cash & Cash Equivalents0000
Cash and Cash Equivalents43,63728,69129,05825,405
Trading Account Securities0000
Available for Sale Securities161,785171,541172,170161,680
Held to Maturity Securities0000
Other Securities3,9463,6155,6706,249
Total Cash & Securities209,368203,847206,898193,334
Gross Loans Held for Investment543,039599,110852,178930,855
Loan Loss Reserve3,7413,9654,9294,282
Loans Held for Sale, before Reserves002,0154,548
Total Net Loans539,298595,145849,263931,122
Real Estate Owned and Held for Investment4,0053,7194,3112,452
Core Deposit Intangibles4,4193,6915,2884,421
Other Intangibles0000
Intangible Assets other than Goodwill4,4193,6915,2884,421
Total Intangible Assets5,0534,32513,08112,214
Loan Servicing Rights0000
Credit Card Rights0000
Other Loan Servicing Rights0000
Total Servicing Rights0000
Fixed Assets23,21525,13335,21634,300
Interest Receivable2,4492,6393,4333,218
Prepaid Expense1,031NANANA
Bank-owned Life Insurance16,41716,86930,57731,430
Other Assets10,20910,17824,44319,449
Total Other Assets53,32054,81993,66988,397
Total Assets811,042861,8561,167,2231,227,519
Memo: Consolidated VIE Assets0000
Memo: Covered Loans0000
Memo: Covered OREO0000
Memo: Covered Securities0000
Memo: Covered Assets0000
Liabilities ($000)   
Total Deposits690,768735,458974,3591,015,739
FHLB Borrowings10,0007,00012,00033,500
Senior Debt44,95744,09855,62366,990
Trust Preferred (FAS 150)0000
Total Subordinated Debt0000
Redeemable Financial Instruments (FAS 150)0000
Total Debt44,95744,09855,62366,990
Total Other Liabilities6,8217,04810,6919,263
Total Liabilities742,546786,6031,040,6741,091,992
Memo: Consolidated VIE Liabilities0000
Mezzanine ($000)   
Redeemable Preferred0000
Trust Preferred Securities0000
Total Minority Interest0000
Other Mezzanine Items0000
Total Mezzanine Level Items0000
Equity ($000)   
TARP Preferred Equity0000
Other Preferred Equity0000
Total Preferred Equity0000
Common Equity68,04074,862126,249135,264
Equity Attributable to Parent Company68,04074,862126,249135,264
Noncontrolling Interests457392300262
Total Equity68,49775,253126,549135,527
Net Unrealized Gain2,4112,470 (3,360) (147)
Tot Acc Other Comprehensive Inc2,3892,470(3,360)(147)
Balance Sheet Analysis (%)   
Gross Loans HFI / Total Assets66.9669.5173.0175.83
Loans / Deposits78.6181.4687.4691.64
Loan Loss Reserves / Gross Loans0.690.660.580.46
Reserves / Loans Held For Investment0.690.660.580.46
One Year Gap / Assets(29.30)(32.95)(37.53)(38.57)
1-4 Loans Serviced for Others ($000) 00920
Level 1 Assets ($000) 24,7121,5211,6643,006
Level 2 Assets ($000) 141,340170,290170,920158,674
Level 3 Assets ($000) 010,38015,3309,499
Level 1 Liabilities ($000) 0000
Level 2 Liabilities ($000) 0000
Level 3 Liabilities ($000) 0000
FTE Employees (actual) 168172241221
Annualized Growth Rates (%)   
Asset Growth101.806.2735.435.17
Gross Loans HFI Growth79.7710.3342.249.23
Deposit Growth102.856.4732.484.25
Average Balances ($000)   
Avg Gross Loans HFI459,530568,152735,367882,364
Avg Loans HFS007,0893,684
Average Loans, Gross of Reserves459,530568,152747,037880,471
Avg Securities126,239169,334179,694167,940
Avg Other Int Earn Assets16,1298,5273,6883,051
Avg Secs & Other Int Earn Assets142,368177,862183,382170,991
Avg Interest Earning Assets601,898746,013930,4191,051,462
Avg Assets677,529839,6341,057,9181,194,426
Avg CDs281,543321,166357,443357,759
Avg Other Interest-bearing Deposits154,253216,736334,385408,211
Avg Interest-bearing Deposits435,796537,902691,828765,970
Avg Debt46,13127,49644,04645,539
Avg Interest-bearing Liabs481,927565,398735,874811,508
Avg Noninterest-bearing Deposits132,326199,597212,948241,514
Avg Total Deposits568,123737,499904,7761,007,484
Avg Preferred Equity0000
Avg Common Equity57,44267,394100,465130,748
Avg Equity57,96067,811100,820131,018

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