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Fourth Quarter 2013 Investor Presentation1/23/2014
Third Quarter 2013 Investor Presentation10/23/2013
Second Quarter 2013 Investor Presentation7/23/2013
PacWest and CapitalSource Merger Presentation7/23/2013
JMP Securities 12th Annual Research Conference5/14/2013
First Quarter 2013 Investor Presentation4/29/2013
Citi 2013 U.S. Financial Services Conference3/6/2013
KBW Boston Bank Conference2/27/2013
Fourth Quarter 2012 Investor Presentation1/29/2013
Third Quarter 2012 Investor Presentation10/30/2012
Imperial Capital 6th Annual Global Opportunities Conference9/19/2012
JMP Securities Financial Services and Real Estate Conference9/13/2012
Barclays 2012 Global Financial Services Conference9/12/2012
Second Quarter 2012 Investor Presentation7/30/2012
JMP Securities 11th Annual Research Conference5/15/2012
First Quarter 2012 Investor Presentation4/30/2012
2012 Citi Financial Services Conference3/8/2012
Sandler O'Neill West Coast Financial Services Conference3/6/2012
Fourth Quarter 2011 Investor Presentation2/16/2012
2011 FBR Fall Investor Conference11/29/2011
Third Quarter 2011 Investor Presentation10/27/2011
Imperial Capital 5th Annual Global Opportunities Conference10/6/2011
JMP Securities Financial Services and Real Estate Conference9/26/2011
Barclays Capital 2011 Global Financial Services Conference9/14/2011
Second Quarter 2011 Investor Presentation7/29/2011
2011 KBW Investment Management & Specialty Finance Conference6/8/2011
The Tenth Annual JMP Securities Research Conference5/10/2011
First Quarter 2011 Investor Presentation4/29/2011
2011 Citi Financial Services Conference3/10/2011
Sandler O’Neill 2011 West Coast Financial Services Conference3/8/2011
Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2010 Investor Presentation2/24/2011
FBR Capital Markets 2010 Fall Investor Conference11/30/2010
Third Quarter 2010 Investor Presentation10/29/2010
JMP Securities Financial Services and Real Estate Conference9/29/2010
Imperial Capital Fourth Annual Global Opportunities Conference9/15/2010
Barclay’s Capital 2010 Global Financial Services Conference9/14/2010
Second Quarter 2010 Investor Presentation7/30/2010
KBW Diversified Financial Services Conference6/2/2010
JMP Securities 9th Annual Research Conference Presentation5/11/2010
First Quarter 2010 Investor Presentation5/3/2010
Citi 2010 Financial Services Conference Presentation3/10/2010
Sandler O'Neill + Partners West Coast Financial Services Conference Presentation3/2/2010
Fourth Quarter 2009 Investor Presentation2/25/2010
2009 FBR Capital Markets Fall Investor Conference Presentation12/2/2009
J.P. Morgan SMid Cap Conference Presentation12/2/2009
Net Lease Asset Sale to Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. - Investor Presentation11/17/2009
Third Quarter 2009 Investor Presentation11/2/2009
Second Quarter 2009 Investor Presentation8/6/2009
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Diversified Financial Services Conference Presentation6/4/2009
JMP Securities Research Conference Presentation5/18/2009
First Quarter 2009 Investor Presentation5/7/2009
Transcript - Q1 2009 Earnings Conference Call5/7/2009
Transcript - Q4 & FY 2008 Earnings Conference Call2/27/2009
Citi 2009 Financial Services Conference1/27/2009
JPMorgan SMid Cap Conference Presentation12/5/2008
Sandler O'Neill & Partners, L.P. East Coast Financial Services Conference Presentation11/13/2008
Transcript - Q3 2008 Earnings Conference Call11/6/2008
Lehman Brothers Global Financial Services Conference Presentation9/10/2008
Transcript - Q2 2008 Earnings Conference Call8/5/2008
Analyst and Investor Call to Overview CapitalSource Bank Transcript7/30/2008
Investor Update7/28/2008
JMP Securities Research Conference Presentation5/20/2008
Transcript - Q1 2008 Earnings Conference Call5/8/2008
Investor Presentation4/14/2008
CapitalSource 2008 Investor Conference3/3/2008
Investor Presentation – Fourth Quarter and Full Year 20072/21/2008
Transcript - Q4 2007 Earnings Conference Call2/21/2008
Citigroup Financial Services Conference Presentation1/30/2008
2008 Securitization Investor Update1/22/2008
11th Annual Wachovia Global Real Estate Securities Conference12/5/2007
FBR 2007 Capital Markets Investor Conference11/27/2007
Third Quarter 2007 Investor Presentation9/30/2007
Lehman Brothers 2007 Financial Services Conference9/11/2007
FTN MidWest Bank Conference9/6/2007
Second Quarter 2007 Investor Presentation6/30/2007
17th Annual Wachovia Nantucket Equity Conference6/26/2007
JMP Securities 6th Annual Securities Research Conference5/23/2007
CSE - Acquisition of TierOne Investor Presentation5/18/2007
Credit Suisse 2007 Real Estate Conference4/11/2007
First Quarter 2007 Investor Presentation3/31/2007
NYSSA 17th Annual REIT Conference3/1/2007
Credit Suisse Financial Services Conference2/8/2007
Fourth Quarter 2006 Investor Presentation12/31/2006
Lehman Brothers 2006 Mortgage & Specialty Finance Conference12/11/2006
10th Annual Wachovia Real Estate, Gaming & Lodging Securities Conference12/5/2006
Materials for Third Quarter Earnings Call11/7/2006
Transcript - Q3 2006 Earnings Conference Call11/7/2006
Transcript - CapitalSource Annual Investor Conference9/29/2006
CapitalSource Annual Investor Conference9/27/2006
Lehman Brothers 4th Annual Conference Presentation9/13/2006
Investor Presentation – Second Quarter 20068/15/2006
Materials for Second Quarter Earnings Call8/15/2006
Transcript - Q2 2006 Earnings Conference Call8/10/2006
Investor Presentation – First Quarter 2006 Update5/12/2006
Transcript - Q1 2006 Earnings Conference Call5/9/2006
Materials for First Quarter Earnings Call5/9/2006
Investor Presentation – Fourth Quarter 2005 Update3/17/2006
Materials for Fourth Quarter Earnings Call2/22/2006
Transcript - Q4 2005 Earnings Conference Call2/22/2006
Investor Presentation – Third Quarter 2005 Update2/8/2006
Transcript - Q3 2005 Earnings Conference Call11/1/2005
Materials for Third Quarter Earnings Call11/1/2005
Transcript - CapitalSource Annual Conference for Equity & Debt Investors9/21/2005
CapitalSource Annual Conference for Equity & Debt Investors9/21/2005
Materials for September 19, 2005 Conference Call9/18/2005
Transcript - Q2 2005 Earnings Conference Call7/28/2005
Wachovia Securities Nantucket Equity Conference6/28/2005
Investor Presentation – First Quarter 2005 Update6/14/2005
Transcript - Q1 2005 Earnings Conference Call4/28/2005
Investor Presentation – Fourth Quarter 2004 Update3/11/2005
Goldman Sachs Small Cap Growth Conference3/11/2005
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