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Investor Presentation - September 2018 Midwest Meetings9/18/2018
Investor Presentation – September 20189/11/2018
Investor Presentation - June 20186/12/2018
2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/24/2018
Investor Presentation - May 2018 AGA Financial Forum5/20/2018
Investor Presentation - May 20185/10/2018
Investor Presentation - March 20183/22/2018
Investor Presentation - February 20182/28/2018
Investor Presentation - December 201712/5/2017
Investor Presentation - November 201711/14/2017
Investor Presentation - September 20, 20179/20/2017
Investor Presentation - September 20179/12/2017
Investor Presentation - August 20178/3/2017
Investor Presentation - June 20176/21/2017
2017 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/25/2017
Investor Presentation - May 20175/21/2017
Investor Presentation - March 22, 20173/22/2017
Investor Presentation - March 20172/28/2017
Investor Presentation - December 201612/6/2016
Investor Presentation – September 20169/22/2016
Investor Presentation – August 20168/4/2016
Investor Presentation – June 20166/6/2016
2016 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/26/2016
Investor Presentation - May 20165/15/2016
Investor Presentation - March 20163/16/2016
Investor Presentation - December 201512/7/2015
Investor Presentation - September 20159/15/2015
2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/28/2015
2015 AGA Financial Forum Presentation5/17/2015
Williams Capital Group - West Coast Utilities Seminar3/19/2015
American Gas Association -- CFA Society of Dallas-Fort Worth3/17/2015
New York Investor Presentation12/11/2014
Wells Fargo Energy Symposium – New York12/10/2014
Boston Investor Presentation12/8/2014
San Francisco Investor Presentation10/1/2014
2014 AGA Financial Mini-Forum9/11/2014
2014 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/22/2014
2014 AGA Financial Forum Presentation5/19/2014
San Francisco Investor Meetings4/22/2014
Williams Capital Group – West Coast Utilities Seminar3/20/2014
Atlanta Investor Meetings3/17/2014
2013 Wells Fargo Energy Symposium12/11/2013
Seattle Investor Meeting12/3/2013
Investor Meetings - November 19-2311/19/2013
D.A. Davidson Investor Presentation9/17/2013
2013 AGA Presentation - New York9/12/2013
2013 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/23/2013
American Gas Association Financial Forum Presentation5/6/2013
March 2013 Investor Presentation- West Coast Energy Seminar, Las Vegas3/21/2013
March 2013 Investor Presentation- Sidoti & Company Conference, New York3/18/2013
October 2012 Investor Presentation - Chicago - US Capital Advisors, LLC10/18/2012
October 2012 Investor Presentation - New York American Gas Association Mini-Financial Forum10/16/2012
October 2012 Investor Presentation - Boston & New York - US Capital Advisors, LLC10/10/2012
2012 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/24/2012
AGA Financial Forum Presentation5/7/2012
March 2012 Investor Presentation - West Coast Energy Seminar3/22/2012
March 2012 Investor Presentation - Sidoti & Co.3/19/2012
March 2012 Investor Presentation - Baltimore3/6/2012
Wells Fargo Energy Conference Investor Presentation12/7/2011
September 2011 Investor Presentation9/27/2011
September 2011 AGA Financial Forum9/21/2011
NW Natural Investor Presentation9/7/2011
July 2011 US Capital Advisors Presentation7/18/2011
2011 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/26/2011
2011 AGA Financial Forum5/15/2011
2011 West Coast Utilities Seminar3/23/2011
Brean Murray Carret & Co Investor Presentation3/14/2011
Brean Murray Carret & Co Investor Presentation11/30/2010
September 2010 AGA Financial Forum9/22/2010
Brean Murray Carret & Co Investor Presentation9/1/2010
2010 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/27/2010
American Gas Association Financial Forum Presentation5/18/2010
Brean Murray Carret & Co Investor Presentation3/5/2010
Shields and Company West Coast Energy Conference Presentation12/10/2009
Wells Fargo Securities Energy Conference Investor Presentation12/9/2009
Brean Murray Carret & Co Investor Presentation10/7/2009
Brean Murray Carret & Co Investor Presentation9/29/2009
American Gas Association Investor Presentation9/16/2009
D.A. Davidson Investor Presentation8/5/2009
2009 Annual Meeting Presentation5/25/2009
American Gas Association Investor Presentation5/4/2009
Sidoti & Company Investor Presentation3/11/2009
Investor Presentation2/18/2009
Brean Murray Carret & Co Investor Presentation2/17/2009
Western Energy Conference Investor Presentation12/10/2008
Credit Suisse Investor Presentation12/9/2008
Investor Presentation12/3/2008
American Gas Association Investor Presentation10/1/2008
Sidoti & Company Investor Presentation8/11/2008
Brean Murray, Carret & Co. Investor Presentation6/11/2008
2008 Annual Meeting Presentation5/22/2008
2008 AGA Financial Forum5/5/2008
Investor Presentation2/19/2008
West Coast Energy Conference12/12/2007
Investor Presentation10/9/2007
2007 Annual Meeting of Shareholders Presentation5/24/2007
AG Edwards Yield Conference5/15/2007
Investor Presentation5/1/2007
Investor Presentation4/10/2007
Investor Presentation4/10/2007
Investor Presentation - Paulsen Investments2/20/2007
Wall Street Access & Berenson & Company West Coast Energy Conference2/16/2007
Investor Presentation - American Gas Association10/3/2006
Investor Presentation9/14/2006
2006 NW Natural Annual Shareholders' Meeting5/25/2006
AGA Financial Forum5/8/2006
Investor Presentation3/28/2006
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