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All holders (including preferred stockholders), upon request, can receive a hard copy of OFG's complete audited financial statements free of charge.

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Executive Team
José Rafael Fernández
President, CEO, Vice Chairman
Ganesh Kumar
EVP - Chief Financial Officer
Carlos O. Souffront
General Counsel and Secretary Board of Directors
Board of Directors
Julian S. Inclán
Chairman of the Board, OFG Bancorp
President, American Paper Corporation
José Rafael Fernández
President, CEO, Vice Chairman, OFG Bancorp
Juan Carlos Aguayo
President & CEO, Structural Steel Works, Inc.
Néstor De Jesús
Former Director, Puerto Rico Office, Barclays Capital
Pedro Morazzani Ferrer
Founding Partner, Zayas, Morazzani & Co.
Jorge Colón Gerena
President & CEO, Wendco of Puerto Rico, Inc.
Rafael F. Martínez-Margarida
Former Managing Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Radamés Peña Pla
President and CEO, Radamés Peña, Inc.
Carlos O. Souffront
Secretary of the Board of Directors

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