UDR Leadership Team

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Board of Directors
James D. Klingbeil
Katherine A. Cattanach
Robert P. Freeman
Jon A. Grove
Robert A. McNamara
Mark R. Patterson
Lynne B. Sagalyn
Vice Chair
Thomas W. Toomey
Mary Ann King

Senior Management
Thomas W. Toomey
President & Chief Executive Officer
Warren L. Troupe
Senior Executive Vice President

Senior Vice Presidents
Mari A. Akers
Senior Vice President - Human Resources
Harry G. Alcock
Senior Vice President – Asset Management
Jerry A. Davis
Senior Vice President – Chief Operating Officer
Thomas M. Herzog
Senior Vice President – Chief Financial Officer
Mark A. Schumacher
Senior Vice President – Chief Accounting Officer
R. Scott Wesson
Senior Vice President – Chief Information Officer

Vice Presidents
Jon Michael Baldwin
Vice President – IT
Deiadra M. Burns
Vice President – Construction
H. Andrew Cantor
Vice President – Acquisitions and Dispositions
J. Abram Claude
Vice President – Treasurer
Matthew A. Cozad
Vice President – Corporate Services and Innovation
Greta R. Donat
Vice President, Area Director
Douglas F. Fee
Vice President – Asset Quality
Brad T. Hodack
Vice President – West Coast Construction Management Group
Tracy L. Hofmeister
Vice President Financial Officer – Transactions and Development
Shawn G. Johnston
Vice President - Controller
Robert A. Koltiska
Vice President – Property Tax
Louis N. Kovalsky
Vice President, Area Director
Thomas E. Lamberth
Vice President – Development
Michael D. Lacy
Vice President - Pricing and Revenue
Roger Laty
Vice President – Tax
William D. Licko
Vice President - Transactions
Donald D. MacKenzie
Vice President – Development
Robert J. McCullough
Vice President – Development
Susan M. Miller
Vice President, Area Director
William T. O'Shields III
Vice President – Enterprise Risk Management
Dennis E. Sandidge
Vice President, Area Director
Milton A. Scott Jr.
Vice President – Redevelopment
Cynthia A. Shepardson
Vice President, Area Director
Chris Vans Ens
Vice President – Operations
David G. Thatcher
Vice President – General Counsel
Eric S. Waldinger
Vice President – Sales and Marketing
Timothy C. Yeager
Vice President – Development

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