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Investment Detail

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Investment Assets Detail ($000) 
Total Investment Securities2,442,2002,486,3002,779,5002,548,100
Mortgage Loans0000
Policy Loans0000
Real Estate Investments0000
Short-Term Investments27,100128,40070,600133,700
Other Investments56,70042,60061,9008,700
Total Investments2,559,4002,717,1002,988,6002,760,600
Cash and Equivalents232,300340,300330,800468,400
Total Cash and Investments2,791,7003,057,4003,319,4003,229,000
Investment Securities Detail ($000) 
U.S. Gov't and Agency Securities712,900495,700473,000524,500
Non-U.S. Gov't Securities046,800113,300108,200
State and Municipal Securities59,70064,70072,20047,100
Asset-backed Securities805,800896,8001,042,400844,200
Public Utility Debt Owned0000
Corporate Equity Owned152,90096,10040,900117,300
Corporate Debt Owned710,900886,2001,037,700906,800
Securities Not Classified Above0000
Total Investment Securities2,442,2002,486,3002,779,5002,548,100
FAS 115 Detail ($000) 
Trading Account Securities2,442,2002,486,3002,779,5002,548,100
Available For Sale Securities0000
Held to Maturity Securities0000
Other Securities0000
Total Investment Securities2,442,2002,486,3002,779,5002,548,100
Unrealized Gains0000

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