Investment Detail

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Investment Assets Detail ($000) 
Total Investment Securities14,318,00014,356,00015,419,00016,948,000
Mortgage Loans0000
Policy Loans31,00031,00031,000NA
Real Estate Investments0027,000NA
Short-Term Investments0000
Other Investments000103,000
Total Investments14,386,00014,423,00015,500,00017,051,000
Cash and Equivalents591,000544,000777,000657,000
Total Cash and Investments14,977,00014,967,00016,277,00017,708,000
Investment Securities Detail ($000) 
U.S. Gov't and Agency Securities215,000282,000174,000NA
Non-U.S. Gov't Securities10,00010,00010,000NA
State and Municipal Securities3,443,0003,611,0003,828,000NA
Asset-backed Securities259,000289,000287,000NA
Public Utility Debt OwnedNANANANA
Corporate Equity Owned4,858,0004,706,0005,334,0006,249,000
Corporate Debt Owned5,533,0005,458,0005,786,000NA
Securities Not Classified Above0000
Total Investment Securities14,318,00014,356,00015,419,00016,948,000
FAS 115 Detail ($000) 
Trading Account Securities0000
Available For Sale Securities14,318,00014,356,00015,419,00016,948,000
Held to Maturity Securities0000
Other Securities0000
Total Investment Securities14,318,00014,356,00015,419,00016,948,000
Unrealized Gains1,777,0001,372,0001,717,000NA

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