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Balance Sheet ($000)
 2017 Q22016 Q2 Y-Y
Ch (%)
2017 Q1 Q-Q
Ch (%)
Cash and Investments17,000,00016,006,0006.2116,610,0009.39
Total Reinsurance Assets580,000630,000(7.94)596,000(10.74)
Total Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs678,000624,0008.65660,00010.91
Intangible Assets000.0000.00
Separate Account Assets790,000797,000(0.88)775,0007.74
Total Assets21,238,00020,151,0005.3920,753,0009.35
Total Policy Reserves10,444,0009,943,0005.0410,243,0007.85
Total Debt843,000853,000(1.17)842,0000.48
Total Liabilities13,865,00013,180,0005.2013,497,00010.91
Total Mezzanine Level Items000.0000.00
Common Equity7,373,0006,971,0005.777,256,0006.45
Total Equity7,373,0006,971,0005.777,256,0006.45
Shares Outstanding (actual)163,900,000164,500,000(0.36)164,600,000(1.70)
Income Statement ($000)
 2017 Q22016 Q2 Y-Y
Ch (%)
2017 Q1 Q-Q
Ch (%)
Total Policy Revenue1,241,0001,173,0005.801,208,00010.93
Net Investment Income150,000151,000(0.66)150,0000.00
Realized Gains(10,000)42,000NM159,000NM
Total Revenue1,386,0001,371,0001.091,523,000(35.98)
Total Policy Expenses854,000821,0004.02853,0000.47
Underwriting & Other Expenses391,000371,0005.39381,00010.50
Interest Expense13,00013,0000.0013,0000.00
Total Expenses1,258,0001,205,0004.401,247,0003.53
Provision for Taxes28,00043,000(34.88)75,000(250.67)
Net Income100,000123,000(18.70)201,000(201.00)
Net Income After Taxes100,000123,000(18.70)201,000(201.00)
Per Share Items ($)
 2017 Q22016 Q2 Y-Y
Ch (%)
2017 Q1 Q-Q
Ch (%)
Diluted EPS Before Extraordinary0.600.74(18.92)1.21(201.65)
Diluted EPS After Extraordinary0.600.74(18.92)1.21(201.65)
Operating EPS0.640.5712.280.5933.90
Book Value, Excluding FASB 11533.1131.754.2933.13(0.28)
Dividends Declared0.50000.48004.170.50000.00
Underwriting Performance Ratios (%)
 2017 Q22016 Q2 Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2017 Q1 Q-Q
Ch (bp)
GAAP Loss Ratio67.3068.20(90)68.40(110)
GAAP Expense Ratio31.0031.10(10)31.30(30)
GAAP Combined Ratio98.3099.30(100)99.70(140)
Underwriting Analysis ($000)
 2017 Q22016 Q2 Y-Y
Ch (%)
2017 Q1 Q-Q
Ch (%)
Net Premiums Written1,339,0001,267,0005.681,299,00012.32
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)
 2017 Q22016 Q2 Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2017 Q1 Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Total Equity / Total Assets34.7234.591234.96(25)
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets34.7234.591234.96(25)
Tangible Common Equity / Tangible Assets34.7234.591234.96(25)
Policy Reserves / Equity (x)1.421.43(1)1.410
Debt / Total Cap, at Book10.2610.90(64)10.40(14)
Cash & Investments / Assets80.0579.436180.041
Profitability Ratios (%)
 2017 Q22016 Q2 Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2017 Q1 Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Operating ROAA2.041.92121.9113
Operating ROAE5.855.55315.4838
Investment Yield3.334.90(157)7.52(418)
Operating Margin10.8210.31519.53129
   Q-Q Ch(%)= most recent quarter minus prior quarter annualized e.g. [(Q4-Q3)/Q3]*4

  * Percentages presented for individual quarters are annualized by taking the quarter amount and multiplying by four.

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