Institutional Ownership
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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding45,217,149
Short Interest Shares805,003
Float (%)96.40
Institutional Ownership (%)72.32
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)27.92
Insider Ownership (%)3.60
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)47.39
Ownership Activity - Soldout Positions
Total Positions 11632,699,307
New Positions 10178,217
Increased Positions 484,175,613
Decreased Positions 31(1,789,908)
Soldout Positions 25(2,374,925)
Net Change 2,385,705
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CompanyShares%OutValue ($)
Menta Capital LLC0.0009/30/2014(11,692)
Tower Research Capital LLC0.0009/30/2014(3,843)
BMO Capital Markets Corp.0.0009/30/2014(760)
Blackthorn Investment Group LLC0.0009/30/2014(37,495)
Dynamic Technology Lab Pte Ltd.0.0009/30/2014(14,861)
Los Angeles Capital Management & Equity Research Inc.0.0009/30/2014(17,222)
Marshall Wace LLP0.0009/30/2014(350,000)
Zacks Investment Management Inc.0.0009/30/2014(38,131)
Arrowstreet Capital Ltd. Partnership0.0009/30/2014(28,621)
Boston Provident L.P.0.0009/30/2014(32,951)
Bridger Management LLC0.0009/30/2014(436,536)
ClearBridge LLC0.0009/30/2014(131,223)
Ellington Management Group L.L.C.0.0009/30/2014(18,500)
Firefly Value Partners LP0.0009/30/2014(218,304)
Goldman Sachs & Co.0.0009/30/2014(52,968)
Guggenheim Funds Investment Advisors LLC0.0009/30/2014(14,518)
Highbridge Capital Management LLC0.0009/30/2014(87,224)
Highfields Capital Management LP0.0009/30/2014(436,535)
Jane Street Capital LLC0.0009/30/2014(14,216)
Millennium Management LLC0.0009/30/2014(112,734)
Nine Chapters Capital Management LLC0.0009/30/2014(21,000)
PDT Partners LLC0.0009/30/2014(16,438)
Samlyn Capital LLC0.0009/30/2014(262,446)
Security Investors LLC0.0009/30/2014(2,430)
Susquehanna Capital Group0.0009/30/2014(14,277)
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