Institutional Ownership
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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding50,741,419
Short Interest Shares776,250
Float (%)95.73
Institutional Ownership (%)69.90
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)31.14
Insider Ownership (%)4.27
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)35.01
Ownership Activity - Soldout Positions
Total Positions 20135,470,143
New Positions 371,067,995
Increased Positions 603,453,787
Decreased Positions 72(3,788,706)
Soldout Positions 12(574,440)
Net Change 158,636
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CompanyShares%OutValue ($)
Simplex Trading LLC0.0009/30/2016(681)
JPMorgan Chase & Co.0.0009/30/2016(147)
Teacher Retirement System of Texas0.0009/30/2016(6,297)
Caxton Associates LP0.0009/30/2016(38,671)
Clover Partners LP0.0009/30/2016(203,275)
Invesco Ltd.0.0009/30/2016(71,512)
LMCG Investments LLC0.0009/30/2016(40,095)
Menta Capital LLC0.0009/30/2016(59,276)
Raymond James Financial Inc.0.0009/30/2016(67,894)
Wolverine Trading LLC, Asset Management Arm0.0009/30/2016(1,033)
Wealthplan Partners0.0009/30/2016(400)
Shinko Asset Management Co. Ltd.0.0001/18/2017(85,159)
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