Institutional Ownership
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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding45,468,894
Short Interest Shares851,498
Float (%)96.34
Institutional Ownership (%)75.39
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)29.75
Insider Ownership (%)3.66
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)44.40
Ownership Activity - Soldout Positions
Total Positions 15634,277,755
New Positions 361,871,298
Increased Positions 572,108,694
Decreased Positions 37(2,528,767)
Soldout Positions 16(562,650)
Net Change 888,575
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CompanyShares%OutValue ($)
Carlson Capital L.P.0.0009/30/2015(277,454)
Bryn Mawr Capital Management Inc0.0009/30/2015(138,442)
Sentinel Trust Co.0.0009/30/2015(19,207)
U.S. Bancorp Asset Management Inc.0.0009/30/2015(215)
Research Affiliates LLC0.0009/30/2015(1,179)
GSA Capital Partners LLP0.0009/30/2015(21,255)
Walleye Trading LLC0.0009/30/2015(1,000)
Menta Capital LLC0.0009/30/2015(16,629)
Pinnacle Holdings LLC0.0009/30/2015(29,725)
Iwamoto Kong & Co. Inc.0.0009/30/2015(175)
Millennium Management LLC0.0009/30/2015(11,503)
Tower Research Capital LLC0.0009/30/2015(6,536)
Wealthfront, Inc.0.0009/30/2015(610)
Concorde Asset Management LLC0.0009/30/2015(11,590)
Stifel, Nicolaus & Company Inc0.0009/30/2015(15,405)
Engineers Gate Manager LP0.0009/30/2015(11,725)
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