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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding83,627,797
Short Interest Shares1,064,960
Float (%)95.67
Institutional Ownership (%)56.83
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)31.94
Insider Ownership (%)4.33
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)28.81
Ownership Activity - Soldout Positions
Total Positions 20147,521,801
New Positions 26630,841
Increased Positions 733,924,793
Decreased Positions 65(1,656,647)
Soldout Positions 30(1,719,516)
Net Change 1,179,471
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CompanyShares%OutValue ($)
SG Americas Securities LLC0.00012/31/2017(24,239)
Royal Bank of Canada0.00012/31/2017(4,630)
Chicago Equity Partners LLC0.00012/31/2017(150,955)
American Century Investment Management Inc0.00012/31/2017(6,629)
BNP Paribas Asset Management USA Inc.0.00012/31/2017(9,718)
Tredje AP-fonden0.00012/25/2017(36,020)
Columbia Partners LLC Investment Management0.00012/31/2017(14,681)
HBK Investments L.P.0.00012/31/2017(7,971)
Jackson National Asset Management LLC0.00012/31/2017(132,000)
Navellier & Associates Inc.0.00012/31/2017(18,699)
Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc.0.00012/31/2017(3,322)
PGIM Inc.0.00012/31/2017(47,295)
USAA Investment Management Co.0.00012/31/2017(39,900)
Zacks Investment Management Inc.0.00012/31/2017(103,372)
Boston Co. Asset Management LLC0.0004/20/2018(468,958)
BNP Paribas Asset Management0.00012/31/2017(9,718)
ClariVest Asset Management LLC0.00012/31/2017(141,700)
Clark Capital Management Group Inc.0.00012/31/2017(75,005)
Concorde Asset Management LLC0.00012/31/2017(8,837)
Invictus RG Pte Ltd.0.00012/31/2017(12,379)
Jane Street Group, LLC0.00012/31/2017(8,150)
Krilogy Financial LLC0.00012/31/2017(475)
Martingale Asset Management L.P.0.00012/31/2017(12,000)
Millington Securities Inc.0.00012/31/2017(93,317)
QS Investors LLC0.00012/31/2017(113,404)
Tower Research Capital LLC0.00012/31/2017(7,284)
Two Sigma Advisers LP0.00012/31/2017(27,612)
Two Sigma Investments LP0.00012/31/2017(39,811)
Verition Fund Management LLC0.00012/31/2017(8,118)
WBI Investments Inc.0.00012/31/2017(93,317)
Janus Henderson Group PLC0.0004/20/2018(2,127)
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