Institutional Ownership
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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding47,958,486
Short Interest Shares1,182,583
Float (%)95.63
Institutional Ownership (%)72.49
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)30.77
Insider Ownership (%)4.37
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)39.67
Ownership Activity - Soldout Positions
Total Positions 16434,763,124
New Positions 291,513,725
Increased Positions 603,405,840
Decreased Positions 48(3,469,018)
Soldout Positions 20(3,069,548)
Net Change (1,619,001)
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CompanyShares%OutValue ($)
Wellington Management Co. LLP0.00012/31/2015(2,464,224)
AJO LP0.00012/31/2015(28,930)
Alerus Investment Advisors Corp.0.00012/31/2015(520)
Barclays Bank PLC, Securities Investments0.00012/31/2015(485)
BNP Paribas Arbitrage Sa, Asset Management Arm0.0003/31/2016(4,366)
BNP Paribas Securities Corp.0.00012/31/2015(9,525)
Boothbay Fund Management LLC0.00012/31/2015(23,540)
First Midwest Bancorp Inc.0.00012/31/2015(1,645)
FNY Managed Accounts LLC0.00012/31/2015(608)
Fort Washington Investment Advisors Inc.0.00012/31/2015(25,000)
GuideStone Capital Management LLC0.00012/31/2015(3,800)
HighTower Advisors LLC0.00012/31/2015(46,929)
Hollencrest Securities LLC0.00012/31/2015(10,765)
Iridian Asset Management LLC0.00012/31/2015(16,099)
PENN Capital Management Co. Inc.0.00012/31/2015(158,333)
Principal Global Investors LLC0.00012/31/2015(12,822)
Quadrant Partners0.0003/31/2016(757)
Seawolf Capital LLC0.00012/31/2015(131,600)
Systematic Financial Management L.P.0.00012/31/2015(127,850)
Visionary Asset Management Inc.0.0003/31/2016(1,750)
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