Institutional Ownership
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Ownership Information
Shares Outstanding43,190,481
Short Interest Shares1,484,012
Float (%)90.15
Institutional Ownership (%)81.17
Mutual Fund Ownership (%)39.83
Insider Ownership (%)9.85
Top 10 Instn Holders (%)51.22
Ownership Activity
Total Positions19235,058,580
New Positions1381,154
Increased Positions851,298,918
Decreased Positions52(445,831)
Soldout Positions11(158,218)
Net Change 853,087

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Thomson Horstmann & Bryant Inc.48,250.112,368,5933/31/201548,250
Isthmus Partners LLC5,985.01293,80412/31/20145,985
Tredje AP-fonden5,416.01265,87112/31/20135,416
Prescott Group Capital Management L.L.C.5,000.01245,4503/31/20155,000
Ringturm Kapitalanlage GmbH5,000.01245,4501/30/20155,000
Tower Research Capital LLC4,101.01201,3183/31/20154,101
Ameritas Investment Partners Inc.3,852.01189,0953/31/20153,852
Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC2,200.01107,9983/31/20152,200
Simplex Trading LLC997.0048,9433/31/2015997
Zurcher Kantonalbank (Investment Management)154.007,5603/31/2015154
FTB Advisors Inc.123.006,0383/31/2015123
ClearArc Capital Inc.66.003,2403/31/201566
Edge Wealth Management LLC10.004913/31/201510
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