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Trend Analysis--Quarterly (click here for Annual Analysis)

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Income Statement ($000)
2014 Q12013 Q1Y-Y
Ch (%)
2013 Q4Q-Q
Ch (%)
Total Interest Income120,667125,795(4.08)128,062(23.10)
Total Interest Expense22,42528,829(22.21)21,48517.50
Net Interest Income98,24296,9661.32106,577(31.28)
Loan Loss Provisions319424(24.76)(451)NM
Gain on Investments21,853(7,170)NM(48,113)NM
Total Revenue112,14989,66825.0780,825155.02
Non Interest Expense9,2769,441(1.75)8,96513.88
Total Expenses11,7799,86519.408,514153.39
Net Income100,36879,80125.7772,311155.20
Per Share Items ($)
2014 Q12013 Q1Y-Y
Ch (%)
2013 Q4Q-Q
Ch (%)
Book Value per Share3.283.56(7.76)3.244.65
Diluted EPS Before Extra0.100.0825.000.06266.67
Diluted EPS After Extra0.100.0825.000.06266.67
Dividends Declared0.18000.0900100.000.2900(151.72)
Dividend Payout (%)180.00112.506,750.00483.33(30,333.00)
Performance Ratios (%)
2014 Q12013 Q1Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2013 Q4Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Net Interest Margin7.036.61427.52(49)
EBITDA/ Interest Expense (x)5.483.77171 (100bp)4.37111 (100bp)
Asset Growth(13.21)(16.04)283(5.25)(796)
Net Income Growth25.77(0.54)2,631(8.10)3,387
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)
2014 Q12013 Q1Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2013 Q4Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Total Equity / Total Assets50.2549.1610948.03222
Total Debt / Total Equity (x)0.900.99(9) (100bp)0.98(8) (100bp)
Debt / Total Cap, at Book47.3249.78(245)49.47(215)
Investments / Assets97.3890.6167794.51287
   Q-Q Ch(%)= most recent quarter minus prior quarter annualized e.g. [(Q4-Q3)/Q3]*4

  * Percentages presented for individual quarters are annualized by taking the quarter amount and multiplying by four.

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