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Financial Highlights
Trend Analysis--Quarterly (click here for Annual Analysis)

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Balance Sheet ($000)
 2018 Q12017 Q1Y-Y
Ch (%)
2017 Q4Q-Q
Ch (%)
Loans Held for Investment, before Reserves1,591,2011,513,2875.151,582,6672.16
Loans Held for Sale, before Reserves2,8593,911(26.90)3,419(65.52)
Loan Loss Reserve20,13919,1355.2519,6589.79
Net Loans Receivable1,573,9211,498,0635.061,566,4281.91
Intangible Assets51,01252,269(2.40)51,253(1.88)
Total Assets2,785,5482,641,7915.442,843,452(8.15)
Debt, Senior and Subordinated39,2290NM39,1830.47
Common Equity270,991263,9042.69271,239(0.37)
Total Shareholders' Equity270,991263,9042.69271,239(0.37)
Shares Outstanding (actual)38,269,78937,995,0850.7238,200,8830.72
Income Statement ($000)
 2018 Q12017 Q1Y-Y
Ch (%)
2017 Q4Q-Q
Ch (%)
Net Interest Income26,34823,82610.5926,444(1.45)
Provision for Loan Losses50632157.63(291)NM
Noninterest Income2,1082,301(8.39)2,564(71.14)
Noninterest Expense15,37515,3280.3114,65119.77
Net Income Before Taxes12,04710,47215.0413,977(55.23)
Provision for Taxes3,2383,934(17.69)12,719(298.17)
Net Income8,8096,53834.741,2582,400.95
Per Share Items ($)
 2018 Q12017 Q1Y-Y
Ch (%)
2017 Q4Q-Q
Ch (%)
Book Value per Share7.086.951.957.10(1.09)
Tangible Book Value5.755.573.205.76(0.73)
Diluted EPS Before Extra0.230.1735.290.032,666.67
Diluted EPS After Extra0.230.1735.290.032,666.67
Dividends Declared0.11000.100010.000.100040.00
Performance Ratios (%)
 2018 Q12017 Q1Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2017 Q4Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Net Interest Margin4.134.0673.8726
Loans / Deposits65.6964.957563.74195
Efficiency Ratio56.0258.68(266)52.82320
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)
 2018 Q12017 Q1Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2017 Q4Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Tangible Equity/ Tangible Assets8.048.17(13)7.8817
Equity/ Assets9.739.99(26)9.5419
Asset Quality Ratios (%)
 2018 Q12017 Q1Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2017 Q4Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Nonperforming Assets/ Assets0.140.21(7)0.095
Loan Loss Reserves/ Gross Loans1.261.2601.242
Loan Loss Reserves/ NPAs519.31347.3417,197774.24(25,493)
Net Charge-offs/ Avg Loans0.010.07(7)(0.05)6
Regulatory Capital Ratios (%)
 2018 Q12017 Q1Y-Y
Ch (bp)
2017 Q4Q-Q
Ch (bp)
Tier 1 Capital Ratio11.6511.422311.4025
   Q-Q Ch(%)= most recent quarter minus prior quarter annualized e.g. [(Q4-Q3)/Q3]*4

  * Percentages presented for individual quarters are annualized by taking the quarter amount and multiplying by four.

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