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How can I invest online?

You can invest online by opening an account with BUYandHOLD Securities Corporation, an independent brokerage service for long-term investors. By funding your account with BUYandHOLD Instant Deposit, you can begin investing today!

Can I buy stock on a regular basis?

Yes! BUYandHOLD allows you to schedule automatic investments of the exact dollar amount of your choice in hundreds of stocks on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis using our E-ZVestsm service.

How do I pay for the stocks that I buy online?

You can set up a direct link into your personal checking or savings account for electronic debiting through our BUYandHOLD Instant Deposit service and begin buying stocks immediately. Or, send a check for the amount you wish to invest. This will become your account balance and you can begin buying stocks.

Where will my shares be held? Will I receive a certificate?

As a customer of BUYandHOLD Securities Corporation, your shares will be held in your account and you will not receive a stock certificate unless you specifically request one.

Will I receive a dividend check from BUYandHOLD? Can my dividends be reinvested?

If the company pays a dividend, all dividends will be paid in cash directly into your BUYandHOLD account. You can choose to have BUYandHOLD reinvest your dividends into additional shares of stock for no additional cost. Please note that not all companies pay dividends.

Will I be able to track my average purchase price of the stocks I own in my portfolio?

Absolutely! BUYandHOLD tracks your average purchase price for you. It will appear in the Balance and Holdings section of your account.

What features are available to me as a BUYandHOLD Securities Corporation customer?

Here are some of the features that are available to you:

  • Our BUYandHOLD Instant Deposit option allows you to immediately fund your account and begin buying stocks
  • You can invest in specific dollar amounts
  • View your account online
  • Own multiple stocks in one account
  • Low trading costs
  • Set up automatic weekly, monthly or quarterly investments through our E-ZVestsm service
  • Own fractional shares of companies

Where can I sign up for a BUYandHOLD account? Can I see a demo first?

If you wish to buy stock through BUYandHOLD, you can Open an Account online now. Or, you can take the Guided Tour first, and see what is available.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Brokerage services are provided by BUYandHOLD Securities Corporation, a registered broker-dealer, member NASD/SIPC. The Company is not a broker and is not facilitating your investment in The Company or other companies.

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