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Income Statement

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 2013 Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 Q3 YTD
Source Document9/30/20159/30/20169/30/20169/30/20166/30/2017
(in units)     
Interest income 
Loans receivable 38,815,68335,003,93636,375,78243,548,84836,749,414
Taxable investment securities NA3,617,9883,655,4933,742,0853,236,212
Nontaxable investment securities NA66,98412,41711,65713,714
Mortgage-backed securities and collateralized mortgage obligations 3,194,733NANANANA
Federal Home Loan Bank stock 122,893134,795142,947154,272119,432
Other investment securities available for sale 175,150NANANANA
Interest-earning deposits in other financial institutions 328,010331,04593,432216,736560,055
Certificates of deposit held at other financial institutions NA00105,451112,357
Restricted securities NA005,0138,107
Amortization of FDIC loss share receivable 0(3,507,017)(2,387,205)0NA
Total interest income 42,636,46935,647,73137,892,86647,784,06240,799,291
Interest expense 
Deposits 4,242,8483,255,0322,727,3723,452,7583,506,425
Borrowings 3,118,2712,474,7332,285,5501,955,4451,077,644
Floating rate junior subordinated debt NA00221,571373,473
Total interest expense 7,361,1195,729,7655,012,9225,629,7744,957,542
Net interest income 
Net interest income 35,275,35029,917,96632,879,94442,154,28835,841,749
Provision for loan losses 1,489,444(712,560)0(250,000)(900,000)
Net interest income after provision for loan losses 33,785,90630,630,52632,879,94442,404,28836,741,749
Noninterest income 
Service charges on deposit accounts 5,316,4485,815,4796,449,2487,043,6935,560,729
Bankcard fees 2,437,9683,556,7544,032,4214,953,6454,092,195
Gain on investment securities available for sale 249,517200,704(27,209)48,885247,780
Bank owned life insurance 993,9611,252,2461,245,3821,225,422884,976
Gain on sale of loans 1,334,3301,103,5861,612,3352,118,0121,816,848
Brokerage commissions 588,493590,255732,336650,727576,237
Recoveries on acquired loans previously covered under FDIC loss share agreements NA003,625,000250,000
FDIC receivable for loss sharing agreements impairment 33,235(174,291)(2,434,903)0NA
Other 698,9221,932,277719,6201,298,746739,733
Total noninterest income 11,652,87414,277,01012,329,23020,964,13014,168,498
Noninterest expenses 
Salaries and employee benefits 18,458,66419,763,21020,712,21525,655,81018,742,656
Occupancy 7,302,9444,415,9684,380,7835,139,5333,699,807
Data processing NA2,912,6112,931,7364,427,6363,004,137
Legal and professional 1,922,8171,681,6671,382,3002,314,5191,055,985
Marketing 1,294,2511,594,1551,639,9431,590,1711,152,357
Federal insurance premiums and other regulatory fees 589,999891,615755,872859,125561,106
Net cost (benefit) of operations of real estate owned 1,016,960434,43335,562(334,954)(327,365)
Furniture and equipment 828,652727,627881,465870,675604,696
Postage, office supplies and printing 1,082,231865,853872,837868,674717,775
Core deposit intangible amortization expense 476,423380,210266,451415,617420,902
Other 3,340,9222,542,8412,972,5363,591,4082,504,298
Total noninterest expenses 36,313,86336,210,19036,831,70045,398,21432,136,354
Income before income taxes 9,124,9178,697,3468,377,47417,970,20418,773,893
Income tax expense 2,868,5002,742,2132,805,3126,106,8846,897,581
Net income 6,256,4175,955,1335,572,16211,863,32011,876,312
Basic net income per share
Diluted net income per share
Weighted average number of common shares outstanding 20,629,53120,591,30215,717,42114,371,12614,293,859
Weighted average number of common and potential common shares outstanding 20,792,08921,101,38816,399,83114,983,34415,197,400
Net income 6,256,4175,955,1335,572,16211,863,32011,876,312
Reclassification adjustment for net gains realized in net income, net of taxes (153,204)(123,233)16,706(30,016)(152,137)
Net unrealized holding gains (losses) on investment and mortgage securities available for sale arising during the period, net of taxes (1,889,769)1,208,6911,341,515529,811(2,342,626)
Comprehensive income 4,213,4447,040,5916,930,38312,363,1159,381,549

Data shown on this page is extracted directly from the company’s documents. SNL makes every effort to line up fields, captions and headers that represent the same data over time, despite variations in how the company may report these items in different documents. In certain instances the variation in the company’s presentation over time may be too significant, potentially resulting in repeating and/or disordered items. Despite possible issues with the presentation, SNL, as always, stands by its commitment to the quality of the data.

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