Income Statement (As Reported)

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 2013 Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 Q3 YTD
Source Document12/31/201512/31/201612/31/201612/31/20169/30/2017
(in thousands)     
Interest Income 
Interest and fees on loans 80,66471,82370,93074,15761,638
Interest on securities 
Taxable 4,0596,3417,8059,9218,300
Tax-exempt 1,1019919071,2501,478
Other investments 1,2971,4001,2001,195867
Total Interest Income 87,12180,55580,84286,52372,283
Interest Expense 
Deposits 5,7064,9674,0094,9414,754
Other borrowings 3,4562,3321,8471,941NA
Other borrowings and subordinated debentures NANANANA1,659
Total Interest Expense 9,1627,2995,8566,8826,413
Net Interest Income 77,95973,25674,98679,64165,870
Provision for loan losses (3,988)(3,136)(2,714)(1,309)806
Net Interest Income After Provision for Loan Losses 81,94776,39277,70080,95065,064
Non-interest Income 
Service charges on deposit accounts 14,07613,44612,38912,4069,465
Interchange income 7,3628,1648,4817,9385,869
Net gains (losses) on assets 
Mortgage loans 10,0225,6287,44810,5668,886
Securities 3953292056362
Other than temporary impairment loss on securities 
Total impairment loss (26)(9)00NA
Loss recognized in other comprehensive income (loss) 0000NA
Net impairment loss recognized in earnings (26)(9)00NA
Mortgage loan servicing, net 3,8067911,7512,222668
Title insurance fees 1,6829951,1561,187NA
Net gain on branch sale 001,1930NA
Gain on extinguishment of debt 050000NA
Increase in fair value of U.S. Treasury warrant (1,025)NANANANA
Other 8,5378,9317,6927,4166,139
Total Non-interest Income 44,82938,77540,13042,29831,089
Non-interest Expense 
Compensation and employee benefits 47,92447,22148,18649,57941,104
Occupancy, net 8,8458,9128,3698,0236,032
Data processing 8,0197,5327,9447,9525,670
Furniture, fixtures and equipment 4,2934,1373,8923,9122,943
Communications 2,9192,9262,9573,1422,046
Loan and collection 6,8865,3923,6092,5121,564
Litigation settlement expense NA002,300NA
Advertising 2,4332,1932,1211,8561,551
Legal and professional 2,4591,9692,0131,7421,376
Interchange expense 1,6451,2911,1251,111869
FDIC deposit insurance 2,4351,5671,3661,049608
Credit card and bank service fees 1,263946797791432
Vehicle service contract counterparty contingencies 4,837NANANANA
Costs (recoveries) related to unfunded lending commitments (90)NANANANA
Loss on sale of payment plan business NA00320NA
Net (gains) losses on other real estate and repossessed assets 1,237(500)(180)250NA
Provision for loss reimbursement on sold loans 2,152(466)(59)30NA
Other 6,8616,8316,3105,7784,751
Total Non-interest Expense 104,11889,95188,45090,34768,946
Income Before Income Tax 22,65825,21629,38032,90127,207
Income tax expense (54,851)7,1959,36310,1358,443
Net Income 77,50918,02120,01722,76618,764
Preferred stock dividends and discount accretion (3,001)NANANANA
Preferred stock discount 7,554NANANANA
Net Income Applicable to Common Stock 82,062NANANANA
Net Income Per Common Share 
Basic 5.870.790.881.060.88
Diluted 3.550.770.861.050.87
Dividends Per Common Share 
Consolidated Statements of Comprehensive Income 
Net income 77,50918,02120,01722,76618,764
Other comprehensive income, before tax 
Securities available for sale 
Unrealized gains arising during period (4,698)5,095(540)(4,465)7,738
Change in unrealized gains for which a portion of other than temporary impairment has been recognized in earnings 270398040211
Reclassification adjustment for other than temporary impairment included in earnings 26900NA
Reclassification adjustments for gains included in earnings (7)(329)(75)(301)(125)
Unrealized gains recognized in other comprehensive income on securities available for sale (4,409)5,173(615)(4,726)7,824
Income tax expense (1,544)1,811(215)(1,654)2,738
Unrealized gains recognized in other comprehensive income on securities available for sale, net of tax (2,865)3,362(400)(3,072)5,086
Derivative instruments 
Unrealized gain arising during period NANANANA95
Reclassification adjustment for expense recognized in earnings 208NANANA5
Unrealized loss arising during period (37)NANANANA
Reclassification adjustment for accretion on settled derivatives 18938000NA
Unrealized gains recognized in other comprehensive income on derivative instruments 36038000100
Income tax expense (1,318)1330035
Unrealized gains recognized in other comprehensive income on derivative instruments, net of tax 1,6782470065
Other comprehensive income (1,187)3,609(400)(3,072)5,151
Comprehensive income 76,32221,63019,61719,69423,915

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