Investment Plans (DRIP and UPP)
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CREIT's Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) and Unit Purchase Plan (UPP) provide certain Unitholders with an opportunity to conveniently and economically increase their ownership in CREIT.

The DRIP and UPP are offered only to Canadian resident registered Unitholders. In order to participate, you must first become a direct registrant of CREIT.


Monthly distributions are automatically reinvested in additional CREIT units ("Units") without the payment of brokerage commissions. The price of Units is the weighted average price at which Units traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) for the five trading days preceding the distribution date.


Optional periodic cash investments in additional Units may be made without paying brokerage commissions. Minimum purchases of $250 and maximum purchases of $25,000 per year are permitted under the plan. These cash payments are invested at the weighted average price at which Units traded on the TSX for the five trading days preceding the date of purchase of the Units (first day of each calendar month).

Distributions on units held within the UPP are automatically included in the DRIP.
Participants in the UPP can elect to use the Automatic Investment Service (similar to pre-authorized chequing).

In connection with the proposed transaction with Choice Properties (please visit Special Meeting for further information) effective February 21, 2018, CREIT has suspended the DRIP and UPP until further notice.

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Investment Plans

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